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Steven Haryanto
Data::Sah::Manual::Schema - Description of Sah schema language
Data::Sah::Manual::Translation - Translating Sah messages
Data::Sah - Schema for data structures
Data::Sah::Compiler::BaseCompiler - Base class for Sah compilers (Data::Sah::Compiler::*)
Data::Sah::Compiler::BaseCompiler::TH - Base class for type handlers
Data::Sah::Compiler::BaseProg - Base class for programming language compilers
Data::Sah::Compiler::BaseProg::TH - Base class for programming-language emiting compiler's type handlers
Data::Sah::Compiler::perl - Compile Sah schema to Perl code
Data::Sah::Compiler::perl::TH - Base class for perl type handlers
Data::Sah::Compiler::perl::TH::int - perl's type handler for type "int"
Data::Sah::Easy - Simple interface to Data::Sah
Data::Sah::Schemas::Common - Collection of common schemas
Data::Sah::Schemas::sah - Collection of schemas related to Sah
Data::Sah::Type::BaseType - Specification for base type
Data::Sah::Type::Comparable - Specification for comparable types
Data::Sah::Type::HasElems - Specification for types that have the notion of elements
Data::Sah::Type::Sortable - Specification for sortable types
Data::Sah::Type::buf - Specification for type 'buf'
Data::Sah::Type::float - Specification for type 'float'
Data::Sah::Type::int - Specification for type 'int'
Data::Sah::Type::num - Specification for num types
Data::Sah::Type::str - Specification for type 'str'
Data::Sah::Util - Sah utility routines
Changes for version 0.04
    • No functional changes. Rebuild because dzil still included files in
    • lib-disabled/.

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