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Changes - Apache::Test change logfile


1.43 Nov 7 2021

Our implementation of "which" should not search for a program in the elements of PATH when program already contains a path. [rjung]

Fix hash generation when the openssl command was overwritten with the environment variable "APACHE_TEST_OPENSSL_CMD". [rjung]

Add new config option limitrequestline needed when the local directory paths are long. [rjung]

1.42 Aug 28 2019

Fix loading for recent perls in which '.' is no longer in @INC by default. [Steve Hay]

1.41 Jul 11 2019

Set DefaultStateDir for > 2.5.1 and add -t_state to override. [jorton]

Inherit config via IncludeOptional as well as Include. [jorton]

Increase size of MinSpare, MaxSpare and MaxClients to improve httpd test framework runs with worker and preform MPMs. [rjung]

Changed the openssl version detection to work with other *SSL libraries. [icing]

Switch test framework from using Net::SSL for raw TLS sockets to IO::Socket::SSL. [rjung]

Fix mod_ssl tests under OpenSSL 1.1.1 / TLSv1.3. [jorton]

Add cwd to generated lib path in TEST script since Perl >=5.26 don't do that any more. [jorton]

Override loglevel to trace8 if running in 2.4. [covener]

Allow an empty PREFIX. [sf]

Add need_min_apache_fix(). [covener]

1.40 Sep 6 2016

Specify licence (Apache 2.0) in META.yml. [Steve Hay, CPAN RT#111359]

Fix broken POD. [Steve Hay]

Switch argument order in "openssl gendsa". [rjung]

Add (limited) checks for *_SAN_*_n and *_DN_Email variables. [kbrand]

Update key sizes and message digest to what is common in 2015. [kbrand]

1.39 Apr 21 2015

Test scripts can now test if perl has a fork() implementation available by using the Apache::Test::need_fork() function. [Steve Hay]

CPAN RT#87620: Add -D APACHE2_4 to identify httpd-2.4. [Michael Schout]

1.38 Aug 6 2012

Fix log_watch.t on Windows, which can't (naturally) delete open files. [Steve Hay]

Fix t_filepath_cmp, t_catfile and t_catfile_apache in Apache::TestUtil on Windows: their use of Win32::GetLongPathName() was broken for non-existent files. [Steve Hay]

Remove use of Nullsv as per modperl commit 1362399. [Steve Hay]

have Apache::TestConfigPerl::configure_inc set up @INC to include ../blib/lib and ../blib/arch if they exist. The bundled Apache::Reload may fail to load Apache2::Const & co otherwise when testing. [Torsten Foertsch]

1.37 January 29, 2012

Apache::TestRequest: improve compatibility for SSL requests with LWP 6 and IO::Socket::SSL, in particular [Kaspar Brand]

As of httpd revision 1053230 (version 2.3.11) the NameVirtualHost directive became superfluous and a warning is issued when it is met. So, Apache::Test now wraps NameVirtualHost directives in <IfVersion> blocks. [Kaspar Brand]

Add comments about the source files of auto configurated tests to the generated httpd.conf and improve indentation a bit. [Torsten Foertsch]

Run t/TEST tests by default in alphabetical order and only t/SMOKE tests by default in random order. [Rainer Jung]

Add t_file_watch_for to Apache::TestUtil [Torsten Foertsch]

Add $boolean parameter to Apache::TestHandler::ok and Apache::TestHandler::ok1 Add a few bits of documentation [Torsten Foertsch]

Apache::TestHandler forgot to require Apache2::RequestRec [Torsten Foertsch]

1.36 February 2, 2011

Skip sok.t unless perlio is enabled [Torsten Foertsch]

Deprecate t/TEST -times=X in favor of t/SMOKE -times=X. Changes to TAP::Harness have removed the ability to re-use test object attributes. Also generate t/SMOKE on build now, instead of requiring the user to build it. Thanks to Jim Jagielski for the spot on the -times=X issue on t/TEST. [Fred Moyer]

More or less cosmetical, prevent repeating "adding source lib" info lines in the output when testing Apache::Test, SizeLimit and similar [Torsten Foertsch]

1.35 January 22, 2011

Return value on running tests as root should be 0, not 1. Thanks to Michael Schout for the spot. [Fred Moyer]

Add support for RFC2253 DN string format to dn_oneline in Apache::TestSSLCA [Stefan Fritsch]

Make Apache::Test::sok() compatible with the -withtestmore option [Torsten Foertsch]

Make -withtestmore a per-package option (make it behave sane). [Torsten Foertsch]

1.34 December 18, 2010

Fix build edge case where rpm based mp sources missing Apache2::Build cause require failure in Apache-TestConfig. Reported by Ryan Gies. [Fred Moyer]

When an explicit shared mod_perl lib is not defined, default to the first shared module found by find_apache_module(). [Fred Moyer]

Fix logic error in TOP_LEVEL constant calculation. Remove Apache::test compatibility from mod_perl 1.27. [Fred Moyer]

Remove the custom config feature, and instead use inline directives, ENV vars, and look for apxs et al in PATH. [Fred Moyer]

Prevent reconfiguration when t/TEST is called with -run-tests only. (rev 1004278) [Torsten Foertsch]

Make "t/TEST -ping=block" work when LWP is installed. (rev 1004275) [Torsten Foertsch]

Don't attempt to run the test suite as root. The workarounds needed to facilitate root testing cause large maintenance costs, and return no tangible benefits. [Fred Moyer]

1.33 September 14, 2010

Propagate APACHE_TEST_NO_STICKY_PREFERENCES to the Apache environment for mod_perl configurations (Apache::TestConfigPerl), [Torsten Foertsch]

Provide build/test environment for modules bundled with mod_perl like Apache::Reload and Apache::SizeLimit [Torsten Foertsch]

The CN in server certificates generated by Apache::TestSSLCA will now match the servername passed to t/TEST. [Joe Orton]

Add check for automated testing environment variable before prompting with EU::MM to quit the test suite. Some automated smoke tests were failed because the EU::MM prompt was timing out. [Adam Prime, Fred Moyer] use TAP::Harness for Apache::TestHarnessPHP [Mark A. Hershberger] Fix error where non root user gets test failure with httpd suexec and mod_fcgid [Peter (Stig) Edwards]

1.32 April 15, 2010

Fix issue with recent feature where lack of libapreq resulted in test failure. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Added t_{start,read,finish}_file_watch to Apache::TestUtil [Torsten Foertsch]

1.31 February 24, 2010

Modify need_cgi so that it looks for cgi.c instead of cgi. This is a fix for the case insensitive filesystem correction listed below. [Phillipe M. Chiasson]

t/next_available_port.t doesn't need mod_cgid, use need_cgi instead of need_module('mod_cgi.c') [Philippe M. Chiasson]

PR: 21554 Load if it is available [Derek Price, <>]

Add conditional to ignore IfVersion directive if mod_version is not built. [Adam Prime <>, Fred Moyer <>]

PR: 41239 t/TEST -ping does not return a valid return code to the calling shell [ozw1z5rd <>]

Prevent infinite loop when no default apxs or httpd is present and repeated attempts to run the test suite under an automated harness (such as a cpan smoke test). Issue reported by CORION and ANDK, PR: 12911 [Fred Moyer <>]

Use need_module('mod_cgi.c') and need_module('mod_cgid.c') in t/next_available_port.t instead of need_cgi. On case insensitive file systems such as OS X, need_cgi will fulfill the requirement with, when mod_cgi.c is the desired requirement. [Fred Moyer <>]

Fix overridden get_basic_credentials test when using NTLM authentication [Rick Frankel <>]

Work around a bug introduced in libwww-perl in version 5.820 for httpd's credentials [Gunnar Wolf <>, Niko Tyni <>]

Make Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path tolerate undefined arguments [Torsten Foertsch <]

Inherit LoadFile directives from the global httpd.conf [Torsten Foertsch <]

Don't overwrite php.ini if it already exists PR: 32994 [MAHEX <>]

1.30 November 26, 2007

Added t_write_test_lib for temporary testing packages [Fred Moyer <>]

Fix syntax error in generated PHP files t/conf/* [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Add to the list of modules to not inherit b/c it rate limits requests to less then that of a test suite. PR: 25548 [imacat <>]

Add EXTRA_CFLAGS to c-module building if defined in the environment [Geoffrey Young]

1.29 November 28, 2006

Require a minium of Module::Build 0.18 when using Apache::TestMB. PR: 19513 [Philip M. Gollucci]

Teach Apache::TestClient to encode spaces(' ') in query string of URLs as %20. This is not a full mapping of ASCII to URL encoding. If you need this, install LWP -- then Apache-Test will use LWP -- which does this for you. [Philip M. Gollucci]

Allow Apache::TestClient which is used when LWP is not installed to accept mutiple headers of the same name. [Philip M. Gollucci]

Add t_start_error_log_watch() and t_finish_error_log_watch() to the Apache::TestUtil API which are only exported unpon request. [Torsten Foertsch <>]

Allow version variants of debuggers to be passed as arguments to -debug. i.e. -debug=gdb65 for systems with multiple versions of the same debugger. [Philip M. Gollucci]

On Win32, the Apache executable is called httpd.exe in Apache/2.2, so let Apache::TestConfig try to find that if Apache.exe isn't found [Randy Kobes]

force reconfiguration if existing configuration was generated by an older version of Apache-Test [Geoffrey Young]

the -t_pid_file code resulted in confusing and fatal error message for people using stale 1.27 configurations. so take steps to make sure things continue to work. [Geoffrey Young]

1.28 - February 22, 2006

add need_imagemap() and have_imagemap() to check for mod_imap or mod_imagemap [ Colm MacCárthaigh ]

shortcuts like need_cgi() and need_php() no longer spit out bogus skip messages [Geoffrey Young]

Adjust Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path() to handle relative paths that don't start with /. [Stas]

If perlpath is longer than 62 chars, some shells on certain platforms won't be able to run the shebang line, so when seeing a long perlpath use the eval workaround [Mike Smith <>]

Location of the pid file is now configurable via the command line -t_pid_file option [Joe Orton]

remove the entry from %INC after Apache::Test finishes initializing itself. because both mp1 and mp2 share the entry, leaving it around means that Apache::Test might prevent later modules from loading the real mod_perl module they're interested in, leading to bad things [Geoffrey Young]

use which("cover") to find the cover utility from Devel::Cover and run it only if found. [Stas]

Devel::Cover magic is now fully integrated. no more or fiddling - 'make testcover' should be all you need to do now [Geoffrey Young]

Implemented a magic @NextAvailablePort@ to be used in config files to automatically allocate the next available port [Stas]

Adjust Apache::TestConfig::add_inc to add lib/ in separate call to lib::->import at the very end of @INC manipulation to ensure it'll be on top of @INC. For some reason lib has changed to add directories in a different order than it did before. [Stas]

1.27 - October 20, 2005

localize ScriptSock directive to always point to t/logs/cgisock regardless of inherited and custom mod_cgid settings [Geoffrey Young]

Prevent the config file from being overwritten on platforms such as WIN32 under certain conditions. [Randy Kobes]

make sure that the TESTS Makefile.PL parameter is properly recognized ["Christopher H. Laco" <apache-test>]

Add the output of ldd(unix/cygwin) and otool -L (darwin) for httpd to the mp2bug report script. [Philip M. Gollucci]

fall back on using httpd-defined HTTPD_ROOT as the base for httpd.conf if all other options fail. [Geoffrey Young]

1.26 - July 25, 2005

some people have their Apache user/group names include spaces, so fix the autogenerated httpd.conf to quote the two. [Stas]

make sure mp2 loading doesn't make it impossible to complete mp1 runs. [Matt Sergeant, Geoffrey Young]

add Apache::TestConfigParrot and Apache::TestRunParrot to support mod_parrot server-side testing [Geoffrey Young]

update -withtestmore action to properly work with newer versions of Test::Builder [Geoffrey Young]

1.25 - June 17, 2005

provide $Apache::TestUtil::DEBUG_OUTPUT as target for t_debug() statements, defaulting to STDOUT. this allows for changing t_debug() to STDERR when using functions like t_write_file() from within handler() server-side tests. [Geoffrey Young]

adjust need_module()/have_module() to not try to require a module if it was explicitly passed with a .c extension. in certain cases this prevents a fatal error (e.g. trying to call Apache::Test::have_module('mod_alias.c') from the <Perl> sections. [Stas]

1.24 - May 20, 2005

When adding TypesConfig directives (either inherited from the global httpd.conf or from the locally generated mime.types) make sure to enclose it in <IfModule mod_mime.c>..</IfModule>, since mod_mime might be unavailable. [Stas]

1.23 - May 3, 2005

Fix Apache::TestRequest::hostport to return the default host:port string if $Apache::TestRequest::Module is 'default' or undef [Stas]

Fix Apache::TestRequest::module2url to allow passing '' as a URI path. [Stas]

tweaks to Apache::TestClient to better deal with corrupted responses when LWP is not available. [Stas]

1.22 - April 14, 2005
    ******************** IMPORTANT ********************
      this version of Apache-Test does not completely
    configure mod_perl for mod_perl versions 1.99_21 or
    earlier.  Please read the below changes carefully.

remove Apache::TestConfig::modperl_2_inc_fixup(). Apache-Test is no longer aware - it will not configure mod_perl support to look in Apache2/ automatically. [joes]

Add support for mp2's Apache:: -> Apache2:: rename [joes]

1.21 - March 23, 2005

fix Apache::TestConfig (was missing 'use lib' before using lib::import) [William McKee <>]

TestConfigPerl will now configure mod_perl last, giving mod_perl highest priority throughout the httpd lifecycle. [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path needs to remove empty entries in the PATH list, since -T considers those tainted too. [Stas]

add Apache::TestHarnessPHP which allows for running client-side scripts via php instead of perl. [Geoffrey Young]

1.20 - January 22, 2005

instead of trying to match various custom server name variations (each vendor seems to replace "Apache" in 'httpd -v' with their own name), just try to match the "/x.y" in "Foo-Apache-Bar/x.y.z" to figure out the server generation (rev). [Stas]

extend Apache::TestConfig::which() to search under perl's bin directory (in the case of local perl install many utils get installed there, but won't be in PATH). [Stas]

Apache::TestConfig::inherit_load_module handles .dll modules (previously was only .so) [Stas]

Apache::TestConfig::should_skip_module now works with regex patterns. [Stas]

1.19 - January 5, 2005

Test for module.c instead of for IfModule in find_and_load_module [Chia-Liang Kao <chialiang>]

Apache-Test/META.yml is excluded from mp2 distro to make PAUSE indexer happy, but then perl Makefile.PL complains about a missing META.yml, so autogenerate it if it wasn't in the distro [Stas]

1.18 - December 23, 2004

fix a bug in A-T config generation, when a vhost entry was in autogenerated httpd.conf (e.g. coming from .pm file) and another from We used to have a ports collision, since extra.conf wasn't reparsed and the same port was getting assigned to more than one vhost entry, preventing server startup: default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 8530, the first has precedence (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down could be reproduced with t/TEST -conf followed by t/TEST -maxclients 1 in the mp2 test suite (or the new Apache-TestMe test suite, which now includes a special setup for this bug). [Stas]

new TestConfig wrapper find_and_load_module [Chia-Liang Kao <chialiang>]

add Apache-TestItSelf and Apache-TestMe sub-projects. [Stas]

add various straps to aid the new Apache-TestItSelf sub-project, which is used to test A-T config options [Stas]

avoid entering endless loops when interactive config is used, by restarting the test suite with an explicit selected arguments for -httpd (and optionally -apxs) [Stas]

META.yml is now locally maintained. we need to tell PAUSE indexer not to try to index HTTP::Request::Common and warnings packages, which happen to be used by A-T [Stas]

1.17 - December 11, 2004

Apache::TestHandler: need to load Apache::RequestIO for mp2 for puts() to work [Stas]

new Apache::TestConfig wrapper untaint_path() [Randy Kobes]

fix the config thaw() functionality (when top_dir wasn't in @INC the saved config won't be loaded and tests will blow) [Stas]

new wrapper Apache::TestRequest::module2url to simplify handling of vhosts in the client. ["Christopher H. Laco" <apache-test>]

resolve -T taint issues: [Stas] - untaint $cmd in Apache::TestConfig::open_cmd - fix the tainting of @INC (by untaintinig top_dir variable)

require Cwd 2.06 or higher (to solve File::Spec::rel2abs problems under -T). Enforce the modules version requirements for those who aren't running under CPAN/CPANPLUS shell) [Stas]

Apache::TestTrace: don't export by default the 'todo' utility's symbol since it collides with Test::More [Stas]

Tweak the handling of mp2 source build case in Apache::TestConfig::httpd_config(), apparently mp2 source build doesn't always know where httpd/apxs are, so we need to give a better error message in this particular case. [Stas]

Add cookie jar tests ["Christopher H. Laco" <apache-test>]

Don't run interactive prompts when STDIN is closed [Stas]

Add LockFile directive in the autogenerated httpd.conf, which points to t/logs, to handle the case where LockFile is hardcoded at compile time to some other directory on the system. [Stas]

1.16 - November 9, 2004

launder the require()d custom config filename to make -T happy [Torsten Förtsch <torsten.foertsch>]

added Apache::TestRunPHP and Apache::TestConfigPHP classes, which provide a framework for server-side testing via PHP scripts [Geoffrey Young]

fix problem with multiple all.t files where only the final file was being run through the test harness. [Geoffrey Young]

Documented that redirection does not work with "POST" requests in Apache::TestRequest unless LWP is installed. [David Wheeler]

Separated the setting of the undocumented $RedirectOK package variable by users of Apache::TestRequest from when it is set internally by passing the "requests_redirectable" parameter to the user_agent() method. This allows users to override the behavior set by the user_agent() method without replacing it. [David Wheeler]

1.15 - October 22, 2004

add need_php4() and have_php4() which will return true when mod_php4 is available. also, tidy up need_php() and have_php() for PHP4 on Apache 2.0. [Joe Orton]

add new test_config make target, equivalent to t/TEST -conf, and make it a prerequisite for the cmodules make target. now you can 'make cmodules' to build the things in c-modules/ without running t/TEST -conf first. [Geoffrey Young]

add -withtestmore import action, which allows Test::More >= 0.49 to replace as the engine for server-side tests [Geoffrey Young]

add automatic core dump backtrace generation in t/REPORT if Devel::GDB is installed [Gozer]

add 'testcover' make target for running tests with Devel::Cover [Geoffrey Young]

1.14 - October 12, 2004

improve the same_interpreter framework to handle response failures while trying to init and later find out the same interpreter. [Stas]

make sure that 'make distclean' cleans all the autogenerated files [Stas]

make sure that if -maxclients option is passed on the command line, minclients will never be bigger than that value [Stas]

add -one-process runtime argument, which will start the server in single-server mode (httpd -X in Apache 1.X or httpd -D ONE_PROCESS in 2.X) [Geoffrey Young]

In open_cmd, sanitize PATH instead of clearing it [Gozer]

Allow / \ and \\ path delimiters in SKIP file [Markus Wichitill <>]

Added an apxs query cache for improved test performance [Gozer]

run_tests make target no longer invokes t/TEST -clean, making it possible to save a few development cycles when a full cleanup is not required between runs. [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::TestSmoke imrovements: [Stas] o the command line option -iterations=N should always be respected (previously it was internally overriden for order!='random'). o since IPC::Run3 broke the Ctrl-C handler, we started to loose any intermediate results, should the run be aborted. So for now, try to always store those results in the temp file: smoke-report...$iter.temp

fix 'require blib' in scripts to also call 'blib->import', required to have an effect under perl 5.6.x. [Stas]

don't allow running an explicit 'perl Makefile.PL', when Apache-Test is checked out into the modperl-2.0 tree, since it then decides that it's a part of the modperl-2.0 build and will try to use modperl httpd/apxs arguments which could be unset or wrong [Stas]

Fix skip test suite functionality in the interactive configuration phase [Stas]

s/die/CORE::die/ after exec() to avoid warnings (and therefore failures) when someone overrides CORE::die when using Apache-Test [William McKee, Stas]

Overrode Module::Build's "testcover" action in Apache::TestMB to prevent the Apache::Test sticky preference files from being included in the coverage report. [David]

1.13 - Aug 20, 2004

move the custom config code into Apache::TestConfig, split the config object creation in 2 parts - first not requiring the knowledge of httpd location, the second requiring one, refactor the custom config interactive prompting into the second phase, if failed to find httpd. Reshuffle the code to run first bits not requiring the knowledge of httpd location. [Stas]

fix Apache::TestCommonPost::lwp_do to work with LWP 5.800 ($res->content() doesn't allow CODE refs anymore, instead used content_ref to avoid huge strings copy) [Stas]

add @PHP_MODULE@ substitution variable, which selects mod_php4 or mod_php5 as appropriate. [Geoffrey Young]

the have() function was removed entirely - use need() instead. [Geoffrey Young]

add need() and need_* variant functions (need_module(), need_apache(), etc) for use specifically with plan() to decide whether or not a test should run. have_* variants (have_module(), have_apache(), etc) are now specifically for use outside of plan(), although they can continue to be used within plan() without fear of current tests breaking. [Geoffrey Young]

add need_php() and have_php() which will return true when either mod_php4 or mod_php5 are available, providing functionality similar to need_cgi() and have_cgi(). [Geoffrey Young]

Add APACHE_TEST_EXTRA_ARGS make variable to all invocations to t/TEST to allow passing extra arguments from the command line. [Gozer]

When APACHE_TEST_NO_STICKY_PREFERENCES=1 is used don't even try to interactively configure the server, as we don't save any config it was entering an infinite loop. [Stas]

If a directory t/lib exists from where the tests are run, adjust @INC so that this directory is added when running the tests, both within t/TEST and within t/conf/ This allows inclusion of modules specific to the tests that aren't intended to be installed. [Stas, Randy]

make a special case for threaded mpm configuration, to ensure that unless maxclients was specified, MaxClients will be exactly twice bigger than ThreadsPerChild (minclients), since if we don't do that, Apache will reduce MaxClients to the same value as ThreadsPerChild. [Stas]

Renamed generate_test_script() to generate_script() in Apache::TestMB to match the naming convention used in Apache::TestMM and elsewhere. [David]

Apache::TestMB now only prints the "Generating test running script" message if verbosity is enabled (e.g., by passing --verbose when executing Build.PL). [David]

Fixed the "requests_redirectable" parameter to Apache::TestRequest::user_agent() so that it works as docmented when passed a negative value. [Boris Zentner]

Documented support for passing an array reference to the "requests_redirectable" parameter to Apache::TestRequest::user_agent() to be passed to LWP::UserAgent if LWP ist installed. [David]

1.12 - June 28, 2004

Force projects that use Apache::TestReportPerl to implement report_to() if they use t/REPORT in their projects. [Stas]

Add redirect tests [David Wheeler <>]

add -no-httpd runtime option to allow tests to run without configuring, starting, or stopping Apache. this essentially provides a direct Test::Harness interface through t/TEST, useful for running single tests that do not depend on Apache. [Geoffrey Young]

Add support for Module::Build, with a new module: Apache::TestMB (a "clone" of Apache::TestMM for ExtUtils::MakeMaker). [David Wheeler <>]

switch the order of arguments in t_cmp() and t_is_equal() so that the order matches Test::More::is() and other Test::More functions. the new call is: t_cmp($received, $expected, $comment); support for $expected as the first argument marked as deprecated and will be removed in the course of the next few release cycles. [Geoffrey Young]

add skip_reason() to Apache::Test, which provides a mechanism for user-specified skip messages [Geoffrey Young]

Tweak Apache::TestRun to support test filenames starting with /(.\\)?t\\/ prefixes, windows style (needed for t/SMOKE) [Steve Hay]

1.11 - May 21, 2004

if we fail to match the Apache revision (which is OK at the early stages, like 'perl Makefile.PL', default to a non-existing revision 0. But provide no more misleading defaults (used to default to revision 2 and then looking for mod_perl2). [Stas]

Improve the regex to match the Apache revision out of 'httpd -v' [Michael A Nachbaur <>]

-minclients is now what -maxclients used to be, -maxclients is now really what it says it is [Stas]

Fix Apache::TestRequest::lwp_as_string to work with LWP 5.79 [Stas]

1.10 - April 18, 2004

Quote and escape the executables in the shell calls [Ken Coar, Stas]

Quote and escape filtered args received during 'perl Makefile.PL' [Geoffrey Young, Ken Coar]

add :withtestmore import tag to Apache::Test, which will export all standard Apache::Test symbols except those that collide with Test::More. [Geoffrey Young]

Use function prototypes in Apache::TestUtil functions t_cmp() and t_is_equal() to handle the case when an argument to the function, is a function call itself which may return undef (previously had to explicitly force a scalar context to get the undef value). The idea was borrowed from Test::More. [Stas]

Fixed a Windows-only segment which would result in a 'use of uninitialised value' error if a hash being traversed had an entry with a key but an undefined value. [Ken]

Support continuous configuration line when parsing the inherited configuration file [Stas]

Since some of the inherited from the global httpd.conf modules require mod_perl to be loaded first, arrange for that to happen. [Stas]

Don't try to set ulimit unlimited for coredumps on Solaris, unless run as root [Rob Kinyon <>]

Added '-httpd_conf_extra <filename>' configuration option to allow a file of server config directives to be inherited in addition to the server's own httpd.conf file (or the one specified by -httpd_conf). [Ken and Stas]

Generated Listen directive now listen on to force using IPv4 addresses on IPv6 systems until LWP supports IPv6. [Gozer]

improved docs [David Wheeler <>]

Add a virtual method Apache::TestRun::pre_configure, and fix the documentation to say that subclasses must not forget to run the superclass' method. [Stas]

Apache::TestRunPerl now performs an early check whether it can load the right mod_perl environment. [William McKee <>, Stas]

$ENV{APACHE_TEST_NO_STICKY_PREFERENCES}, if true, will both suppress generation of persistent preferences and ignore any that already exist. [Geoffrey Young]

make the project's test suite relocatable, handling the case where after Apache-Test configuration was created and not cleaned up before the directory was moved. This is especially important for those cases where users try to run 'make test' as root from /root, A-T tells them that they can't do that (because of the perms) and suggests to try again, afer moving the whole project under /tmp or similar. [Stas]

When running as 'root' make the client side drop the root permissions and run with the same permissions as the server side (e.g. nobody). This is needed in case the client side creates any files after the initial check (during server side startup and beyond), so that the server side could read/write them. [Stas]

t_server_log_error_is_expected t_server_log_warn_is_expected t_client_log_error_is_expected t_client_log_warn_is_expected now support an optional argument, suggesting how many entries to expect [Stas]

1.09 - March 8, 2004

remove the dependency on APR::UUID (i.e. mod_perl 2.0) in the same_interpreter framework (use plain time/rand/$$ concatenation) [Stas]

Updated to the new Apache License Version 2.0 [Gozer]

handle cases on Win32 when supplied paths have spaces in their names [Stas]

c-modules build errors are no longer ignored [Stas]

change -DAPACHE1 (and like defines) to -D APACHE1 to fix Win32 compatibility issues [Steve Hay]

fix the custom config use for Apache-Test's own upgrades [Stas]

1.08 - February 24, 2004

Instead of hard-coding listen directive to, use the server name. [Gozer]

added -defines configuration option, providing a way to pass additional -D names to the server for use in <IfDefine> blocks. [Geoffrey Young]

Make it possible to run TEST (or another driving script) from any path (e.g. t/TEST, ./TEST, /full/path/to/t/TEST) [Stas]

If at least one *conf*.in files is modified since the last configuration, make sure to regenerate them all, so the right ports will be assigned. [Stas]

Make sure that Apache-Test modules are installed into INSTALLSITEARCH during a standalone build. Because EU::MM does so when A-T is bundled with mp2, and we want to avoid having A-T installed in two different places under @INC. [Stas]

HTTP/0.9 responses no longer croak, provided $ENV{APACHE_TEST_HTTP_09_OK} is true. [Geoffrey Young]

Hard-code listen directive to, solving problems for people with IPv4 & IPv6 address until a better solution is found. [Gozer]

prefix Apache::TestTrace (non-colour mode) messages with the loglevel, similar to what Apache does. [Stas]

Instrument A-T with an optional successful (shell-wise) abort of the test suite, by asking the user whether they want to continue w/o completing the test suite. Use it in places where we know that the test suite will certaionly fail (e.g. running from /root as 'root', or not providing httpd/apxs locations). [Stas]

In order to make Apache-Test compatible with the rest of Perl testing frameworks, we no longer chdir into t/, but run from the root of the project (where t/ resides). A test needing to know where it's running from (e.g. to read/write files/dirs on the filesystem), should do that relative to the serverroot, documentroot and other server configuration variables, available via Apache::Test::vars('serverroot'), Apache::Test::vars('documentroot'), etc. [Stas]

Apache::Test::vars() can now query for config arguments [Stas]

generate t/conf if it does not already exist, which it may not if the tests are entirely autoconfigured. [Geoffrey Young]

Special to Apache-Test environment variables: APXS APACHE APACHE_GROUP APACHE_USER APACHE_PORT are now moved to: APACHE_TEST_APXS APACHE_TEST_HTTPD APACHE_TEST_GROUP APACHE_TEST_USER APACHE_TEST_PORT respectively, for consistency with other APACHE_TEST_ env vars and in order not to interfere with other projects that may use the same env vars. [Stas]

if $self->{reconfigure} is true, make sure to perform a complete reconfiguration, to solve the bug where files weren't reparsed and vhost hostport info was getting lost on subsequent runs when APACHE env var was set (one of the cases when $self->{reconfigure} is true). [Stas]

handle "Include conf/*conf" cases when inheriting httpd.conf in a cleaner way, don't complain that "*conf" doesn't exist, since it's a glob pattern. Instead check try to resolve the base directory. [Stas]

import the Apache::TestMM clean target in Makefile.PL so 'make clean' will call t/TEST -clean [Stas]

fix have_apache_version(), have_min_apache_version(), and have_min_module_version() to use proper numeric version strings in comparisons. thanks to Rafael Garcia-Suarez for the spot. [Geoffrey Young]

fix Apache::TestConfig::which to check that the found file is a plain file [Stas]

implementing custom interactive and non-interactive (with the -save option) reusable configuration for -httpd, -apxs, -user, -group, and -port [Randy Kobes, Stas]

1.07 - Decemeber 22, 2003

allow conditional C module compilation on a more granular level. #define HTTPD_TEST_REQUIRE_APACHE 2.0.49 is now recognized. [Geoffrey Young]

Another attempt at providing a test function that verifies whether Apache when switching from 'root' to 'nobody' or another user will be able to access and create files under the t/ directory. This time using perl's vars $(, $< since POSIX equivalents seem to be broken on some systems. Also using a better test that actually tries to write/read/execute in the path under test. [Stas]

Cleanly exit (and complain) if the default hostname resolution has failed (usually due to a missing localhost entry in /etc/hosts) [Stas]

Fix Apache::TestConfigParse to handle quoted Include arguments [Stas]

Fix Apache::TestServer::wait_till_is_up not to bail out if the server takes time to start and LWP is not available. [Stas]

Fix Apache::TestConfigParse to handle glob includes, like Include conf/*.conf on RedHat [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Fix Apache::TestConfig::add_config not to append " " at the end of the config lines. This was a problem with config sections imported from .pm files, the appended "" made it impossible to have multi-line directives using \ [Stas]

Fix a bug in '-port select' which was incorrectly using the same port twice [Stas]

added bugreport and file argument options to Apache::TestRun::generate_script() [Geoffrey Young]

1.06 - November 10, 2003

added -startup_timeout and $ENV{APACHE_TEST_STARTUP_TIMEOUT} as places to specify the maximum number of seconds to wait for the test server to start. the default is still 60 seconds. [Geoffrey Young]

use apxs PREFIX to resolve relative httpd.conf directives ServerRoot is not present [Mike Cramer]

add support for a new subclass method 'bug_report', which if provided will be called when 'make test' fails. we use it in mod_perl to print the pointers on how to proceed when the failure occurs. [Stas]

sudo and su -u aren't portable, therefore use a simple setuid/setguid perl program instead, to check whether the root directory of the test suite is rwx by the user/group apache is going to run under (when running 'make test' as root). [Stas]

1.05 - October 23, 2003

core scanning changes [Stas] - speedup by not chdir'ing into subdirs - an optional scanning of only t/ dir (used by TestSmoke) - don't scan on win32, since it has no core files

in the autogenerated t/conf/ don't add the project/lib directory, unless a special env var APACHE_TEST_LIVE_DEV is true. This is because some projects change things in project/blib and pushing project/lib on top of @INC, breaks the test suite for them [Stas]

TestRun was using file to ensure that the server is killed before starting it, if the file existed. This was a problem on win32 platforms, where a process scheduler tries to re-use the pids that were just freed, which may have killed a valid process which is not even Apache.exe. So we try not to rely on that file, and if the server wasn't properly stopped and still running, users will learn about that, since the port will be busy, and Apache will fail to start. Users have to kill it manually. TestSmoke is no longer using an explicit kill `cat` to stop Apache, but delegates the stopping procedure to TestRun [Steve Hay, Randy Kobes]

use IPC::Run3 in Apache::TestSmoke to run t/TEST commands, so as t/SMOKE can be used on Win32 [Stas, Steve Hay, Randy Kobes]

place mod_perl-specific directives in <IfModule> containers within httpd.conf, allowing the default server to start if mod_perl isn't present. [Geoffrey Young]

fix t/request.t to get /index.html, instead of / since not everybody uses mod_dir [Steve Piner <>]

when testing whether Apache started as root and running under 'nobody' or alike, will be able to -r/-w/-x in t/ use 'su' instead of 'sudo', the latter is not available on all unix platforms. [Vivek Khera <>]

in the Apache/ nuke code s/PERLRUN/FULLPERL/ as older MakeMaker doesn't have the PERLRUN target [Stas]

Apache 1.3 servers now run in standard prefork mode under normal operation. single server mode (httpd -X) was replaced with MaxClients set to 1 by default. [Geoffrey Young]

1.04 - September 29, 2003

if the server stops reading from the client before it has sent all its data, Apache::TestClient (which is used when LWP is not available) would just die without any error message (5.8.1) because no SIGPIPE handler was setup and the Broken Pipe error was missed. Replacing 'print $s' with $s->send() solves this problem: Apache::TestClient will just move on without bailing out. [Stas]

if env var APACHE_TEST_PRETEND_NO_LWP is true, Apache::Test will pretend that LWP is not available. useful for testing whether the test suite will survive on a system which doesn't have libwww-perl installed. [Stas]

Apache::TestSmoke provides a new mode: -bug_mode, which runs an equivalent of plain 't/TEST' but generates a lot of useful debug information, in addition to matching the core files to the tests that caused them. [Stas]

Apache::TestSmoke now scans for core files, just like Apache::TestRun does [Stas]

Allow the creation of name based virtual hosts by supplying <VirtualHost servername:module> containers in$ files. [André Malo]

fix Apache::TestSSLCA to generate a separate index.txt file for each module, as on certain platforms openssl fails to re-use the same file. [Stas]

remove the unused example section from t/conf/, it made an assumption that mod_auth is available [Stas]

in the autogenerated t/conf/httpd.conf include mod_alias and mod_mime loading, in case they were built as a shared object and wasn't loaded from the system-wide httpd.conf from which Apache::Test inherits the config. [Stas]

added have_apache_mpm() function [Geoffrey Young]

when moving test-specific config directives from __DATA__ to httpd.conf don't use hash, or the order of arguments is not preserved. Thanks to perl-5.8.1 for randomizing the hash seed, which has exposed the bug by breaking the test suite. [Stas]

when the tests are run in the 'root' mode, check whether the DocumentRoot and its parent dirs are rwx before the tests are run and suggest possible workarounds when the tests are doomed to fail, because of the permission issues. [Stas]

UPLOAD is now auto-exported, like the rest [David Wheeler <>]

Change the way the redirect_ok parameter works so that it affects only _that call_ to the function. Afterward it should revert to the old value of $RedirectOK. [David Wheeler <>]

Change user_agent() so that the LWP::UserAgent "requests_redirectable" parameter actually does something useful vis-à-vis $RedirectOK. [David Wheeler <>]

Apache::TestRequest API documenation [David Wheeler <>]

Enable TransferLog in the autogenerated httpd.conf only if mod_log_config is available [Stas]

1.03 - June 19, 2003

Instrumented Makefile.PL to unconditionally remove any old pre-installed occurrences of Apache/, which has been renamed to Apache/ in mod_perl 1.28 to avoid collisions with Apache/ on case-insensitive systems. [Stas]

Apache::TestClient now handles correctly responses with no body and its response header() method is no longer case-sensitive [Stas]

add skip helper shortcuts: have_min_perl_version, have_min_module_version [Stas]

pass to 'use lib' only 'lib/' dirs that actually exist in autogenerated t/TEST t/SMOKE and others. [Stas]

add the ASF LICENSE file to the distro [Stas]

get rid of Apache::TestTrace's dependency on Apache::TestConfig as it creates too many circular use() problems. [Stas]

wrap blib loading in eval block (added to autogenerated files), to prevent 'make clean' failures. [Stas]

add two more variants of each of the tracing functions. If the '_mark' suffix is appended (e.g., 'error_mark') the trace will start with the filename and the line number the function was called from. If the '_sub' suffix is appended (e.g., 'error_info') the trace will start with the name of the subroutine the function was called from. [Stas]

add support for a new env var APACHE_TEST_TRACE_LEVEL, used to override the tracing level. It propogates the overriden (either by env var APACHE_TEST_TRACE_LEVEL or -trace option) value to the server-side, so we can use Apache::TestTrace in mod_perl handlers, and be able enable/disable tracing from the commmand line. This way we don't have to comment out debug prints. [Stas]


not released

1.01 - May 1, 2003

improved support for 3rd party modules test configuration setup: automatically include 'use blib' in autogenerated t/TEST and add 'use Apache2' in the startup file for mod_perl 2.0. [Stas]

new configuration option: -libmodperl [path/to/] (so one can build several DSO objects, rename them, so several builds can co-exist under the same LIBEXECDIR and test them all. Mainly useful for testing 3rd party modules, with different mod_perl DSO builds. [Stas]

set $Apache::Test5005compat::VERSION because of the bogus warnings generated by EU::MM::parse_version() when it sees $NOT_THIS_MODULE::VERSION [Randal L. Schwartz <>]

a few fixes in Makefile.PL and t/TEST.PL to work with perl-5.005_03 [Stas]

perlpods are found either in the 'pods/' or 'pod/' subdirs [Randal L. Schwartz <>]

Autoconfigure Alias /getfiles-* only if the corresponding targets exist [Stas]

1.00 - Apr 28, 2003

when inheriting httpd.conf on some platforms SERVER_CONFIG_FILE is an absolute path, so try to use that if found. [Haroon Rafique <>]

new Apache::Test functions: have_min_apache_version - to require a minimal Apache version. have_apache_version - to require a specific Apache version. [Stas]

Apache::TestUtil API change: write_perl_script => t_write_perl_script write_shell_script => t_write_shell_script chown => t_chown All 3 functions are now optionally exported [Geoffrey Young].

Provide a new request macro _BODY_ASSERT to replace _BODY in cases where the client part of the test directly prints to the output, in order to avoid skipped tests instead of reporting the failure of the server side. Use it in automatically generated tests. [Stas]

httpd (1.3 && 2) / winFU have problems when the first path's segment includes ':' (security precaution which breaks the rfc) so we can't use /TestFoo::bar as path_info in Apache::Tests. Adjusting all tests to use /TestFoo__bar. [Stas]

change Apache::TestConfig::filter_args to accept arguments which aren't only key/value pairs, but also tokens like 'FOO=1' [Stas]

In autogenerated t/TEST, make sure not to include 'use Apache2' for the mod_perl 2.0 build itself [Stas]

avoid starting httpd with 'Group root' when running the test suite under root [Stas]

add support for 'make test TEST_VERBOSE=1 "TEST_FILES=foo bar"' [Stas]

Apache::Test now can run 'make test' under 'root', without permission problems (e.g. when files need to be written), it'll chown all the files under t/ to the user chosen to run the server with, before running the tests and will restore the permissions at the end. [Stas]

don't inherit loading of the mod_perl object from the system-wide config, since Apache::TestRunPerl already configures it [Stas]

Support two new shortcuts for skip functionality: - have_threads: checks whether both Apache and Perl support threads - under_construction: to print a consistent/clear skip reason [Stas]

Support <NoAutoConfig> </NoAutoConfig> blocks in .pm files, so we can have a full manual control over generated config sections. These sections are fully parsed and variables are substituted, including vhosts. [Stas]

Implement a more robust autogenerated client .t test in Apache::TestConfigPerl. Before this fix if the server side returned 500, the test would get skipped, not good. Now it will die a horrible death. [Stas]

Before v1.0 most changes were logged in modperl-2.0/Changes (see mod_perl <= v1.99_08).

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