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Acpi::Temperature - A class to get informations about your battery.


use Acpi::Temperature;

$temperature = Acpi::Temperature->new;

print "Current Temperature".$temperature->getTemperature."\n";


Acpi::Temperature is used to have information about the temperature of the machine.It's specific for GNU/Linux.


This sections contains only the methods in itself.

  • new();

    Contructor for the class

  • getTemperature();

    Return the temperature.

  • getState();

    Return the state.

  • getCritical();

    Return the critical temperature.

  • getPassive();

    Return the passive temperature.

  • getActive();

    Return the active temperature.

  • getCoolingMode();

    Return 0 if cooling mode is active or -1.


  • Developed by Shy <>.

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