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Wifi::Manage - A class for managing wifi connection


use Wifi::Manage;

$manager = Wifi::Manage->new("PATH_FILE");



Welcome to Wifi::Manage , a work in progress.It's a quick module to switch quickly wifi connection.All module use Wifi::WFile to configure the connection.

  • Wifi::WFile

    See Wifi::WFile documentation.

  • Wifi::WDevIw

    See Wifi::WDevIw documentation.

  • Wifi::WDevIf

    See Wifi::WDevIf documentation.

  • Wifi::WMod

    See Wifi::WMod documentation.


This sections contains only the methods in itself.

  • start();

    Start the connection.

  • start_with_module();

    Start the connection with loading module.

  • stop();

    Stop the connection.

  • stop_with_module();

    Stop the connection with unloading module.


  • Developed by Shy <>.

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