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Changes for version 0.0.003

  • Added tests for the REST API: /_user
  • Add CSS files from the Blueprint and Readability projects
  • Template reworking and updates


Catalyst CGI
Create a new Catalyst Component
Catalyst FastCGI
Catalyst Test Server
Catalyst Test


A tool for collaborative authoring of polyscopic documents
The Kaizendo project class description
A project at a specific point in time
The basic section storage class
Moose customised for Kaizendo.
Configuration class for the Kaizendo Catalyst app
Project Controller for Kaizendo
Root Controller for Kaizendo
Factory class for App::Kaizendo::Datastore
TT View for App::Kaizendo::Web


in lib/App/Kaizendo/
in lib/App/Kaizendo/Datastore/
in lib/App/Kaizendo/Datastore/