Changes for version 2.09 - 2023-12-11

  • CODE
    • Add possibility of getting user/password from ENV variables.
    • Add possibility of usage of e.g. »|inputloookup __table__« Splunk query by adding backward compatible 'search' constructor variable which is adding 'search' keyword to each Splunk query.
    • Move hardcoded prefix=/services variable to 'service_prefix' constructor variable.
    • Remove spaces before subroutine/method call in bin/sc.
    • Retab in bin/sc.
  • DOC
    • Add constructor default values to WWW::Splunk::API.
    • Add donation.
    • Add bugtracker.
    • Fix dependencies.
    • Fix test dependencies. We don't need dependencies for author tests.
    • Update author github username.


Splunk Client


Client library for Splunk log search engine
Splunk REST client
Parse Splunk XML format