An RPC server for testing blog comments


A description of Blog-Spam API.
Reject comments from known-bad IP addresses.
Always permit comments from some IP addresses.
A sample plugin.
Reject comments from known-bad IP addresses.
Bayesian analysis of submitted comments.
Reject comments from bogus IP addresses.
Lookup comment submissions in
A plugin for self-dropping comments.
Reject email addresses which are bogus.
Block comments which have bogus Wordpress values
Lookup submitters in the HTTP;bl list
Log the contents of our messages.
Reject comments containing multiple URLs.
Reject opportunistic use of URLs.
Reject content from hosts with no RDNS.
Reject email addresses to have an MX record.
Lookup comment submissions in
Size-Test submitted comments.
Reject comments which contain known-bad words.
Block comments which have undue strong tags.
Discard comments with surbl-listed URLs.
Discard comments with too few words.
An RPC server which detects comment spam.