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Apache::AuthzNIS - mod_perl NIS Group Authorization module


    <Directory /foo/bar>
    # This is the standard authentication stuff
    AuthName "Foo Bar Authentication"
    AuthType Basic

    # The following is actually only needed when you will authenticate
    # via NIS passwd as well as authorize via NIS group.
    # Apache::AuthenNIS is a separate module.
    PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthenNIS

    # Standard require stuff, NIS users or groups, and
    # "valid-user" all work OK
    require user username1 username2 ...
    require group groupname1 groupname2 ...
    require valid-user

    PerlAuthzHandler Apache::AuthzNIS


    These directives can also be used in the <Location> directive or in
    an .htaccess file.


This perl module is designed to work with mod_perl, the Net::NIS module by Rik Haris (, and the Apache::AuthenNIS module by Demetrios E. Paneras ( It is a direct adaptation (i.e. I modified the code) of Michael Parker's ( Apache::AuthenSmb module (which also included an authorization routine).

The module calls Net::NIS::yp_match using each of the require group elements as keys to the the group.byname map, until a match with the (already authenticated) user is found.

For completeness, the module also handles require user and require valid-user directives.

= head2 Apache::AuthenNIS vs. Apache::AuthzNIS

I've taken "authentication" to be meaningful only in terms of a user and password combination, not group membership. This means that you can use Apache::AuthenNIS with the require user and require valid-user directives. In the NIS context I consider require group to be an "authorization" concern. I.e., Group authorization consists of establishing whether the already authenticated user is a member of one of the indicated groups in the require group directive. This process may be handled by Apache::AuthzNIS.

I welcome any feedback on this module, esp. code improvements, given that it was written hastily, to say the least.


Demetrios E. Paneras <> Ported by Shannon Eric Peevey <>


Copyright (c) 1998 Demetrios E. Paneras, MIT Media Laboratory.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.