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Iain Truskett (PAUSE Custodial Account)
WWW::Shorten - Abstract interface to URL shortening sites. UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::MakeAShorterLink - Perl interface to makeashorterlink.com UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::NotLong - Perl interface to notlong.com UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::QuickOnes - Perl interface to quickones.org UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::Shorl - Perl interface to shorl.com UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::SnipURL - Perl interface to SnipURL.com UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::TinyURL - Perl interface to tinyurl.com UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::Shorten::generic in lib/WWW/Shorten/generic.pm UNAUTHORIZED

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