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Changes for version 0.016

  • New features/miscellaneous changes: • The UIEvent, MouseEvent and MutationEvent interfaces have been added. (Mutation events for attributes and character data modified are not yet automatically triggered.) • Events now have an init method that works like initEvent, but takes named args. • trigger_event has been extended to allow named args specify- ing the event type and which default action to take. It also chooses the right event class and reasonable defaults for the event name passed to it. • default_event_handler_for’s submit_button and reset_button event types have been removed, and default default event handlers for specific event types (i.e., default event han- dlers already in place by default) have been replaced by another mechanism (not part of the public API). • The innerHTML has been added to HTML::DOM and HTML::DOM::Element. It is currently read-only. • Triggering a form’s reset event (or calling its reset method, which in turn triggers the event) now actually resets the form. Bug fixes: • A table cell following an unclosed table cell (<td><TD>) no longer mangles the tree. This was bro- ken in 0.011 which turned that into the nonsensical <tr><td></td><tr><td></td></tr></tr>. (This may have affected other elements, as well.) • HTMLOptionsCollection is now listed as acting as a hash and as an array in HTML::DOM::Interface. • The trigger_event method now works on the document with a string arg, instead of dying.
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