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Changes for version 0.041

  • Bug fixes: • A CharacterData node’s data method now stringifies its argu- ment, to avoid tripping up HTML::Element methods like as_text by storing a reference in the attribute. This also affects other methods, including a title element’s text method and a document’s title method. • Setting the selected attribute of an orphaned option ele- ment (one that is not inside a select elem) no longer causes errors. • innerText is now listed in %HTML::DOM::Interface. • $element->getElementsByTagName used to start searching at the $element itself, instead of its children. Now it starts with the children. • $element->setAttribute now stringifies the value. This solves the problem of getAttributeNode’s returning just the value instead of an Attr node, if the value happened to be a reference. • cloneNode with a true argument (deep clone) now sets the ownerDocument properly. • Setting a boolean attribute through the DOM 0 interface now works properly: instead of being set to whatever value you pass in converted to a string, it is set to the name of the attribute (for true values) or deleted (for false values).
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