Father Chrysostomos

Changes for version 0.03

  • • The errors produced when the URL passed to open is from the wrong site/port/etc. are now DOMException objects. • The open method now clears the responseText and the request headers. • The send method now raises a readystatechange event on send- ing (without changing the readyState) and for the ‘loading’ state (3). • The setRequestHeader method now dies when called at a time other than between open and send. • setRequestHeader now throws a syntax error when the argu- ments do not conform to HTTP syntax. • The send method no longer runs scripts on HTML pages that it fetches. • setRequestHeader now ignores certain HTTP headers for the sake of security and HTTP compliancy. • The send method now dies when the readyState is not OPENED or when it is called recursively. • Assigning null to onreadystatechange no longer causes warn- ings and errors during event dispatch. • The argument to the send method is now ignored for GET and HEAD requests.
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