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Changes for version 0.010

  • The only difference in this release is that there are big dep- recation notices all over the place.
  • 0.009c 11 March, 2009 The DOM plugin (0.013): • parent has been added to %WWW::Mechanize::Plugin::DOM::Window::Interface (RT #43582 again).
  • 0.009b 11 March, 2009 An upload mistake. Please ignore.
  • 0.009a 5 March, 2009 The DOM plugin (0.012): • window->top now actually returns the top window, rather than the parent. • window->parent has been added (RT #43582 again).


Location object for the DOM plugin


HTML Document Object Model plugin for Mech
Window object for the DOM plugin
JavaScript plugin for WWW::Mechanize


in lib/WWW/Mechanize/Plugin/DOM/
in lib/WWW/Mechanize/Plugin/
in lib/WWW/Mechanize/Plugin/
in lib/WWW/Mechanize/Plugin/DOM/
in lib/WWW/Mechanize/Plugin/DOM/