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Changes for version 2.08_02

  • all changes by Steve Purkis unless otherwise noted
    • wrote Pixie->deploy( $dsn, %args )
    • Pixie::Store now inherits from Pixie::Object
    • wrote POD for Pixie::Proxy, Pixie::Store*, cleaned up top-level docs
    • slapped a version number on anything that moved
    • --> bin/px_deploy, installed as a binary and documented
    • beefed up & reorganized Pixie's test suite -- see t/README each class tested individually, tests not yet finished.
    • BerkeleyDB and SQLite stores now use File::Path's mkpath() to create dirs as needed.
    • added $LOCK_TIMEOUT and $GC_LOCK_TIMEOUT to Pixie::Store, and $LOCK_TIMEOUT to Pixie::Store::BerkeleyDB. speeds up concurrency tests.
    • spun off Scalar::Footnote, yet to integrate back in
    • subclass_responsibility() moved to Pixie::Object, now dies on error.
    • wrote Pixie::Name::oid_for_name() to replace hard-coded "<NAME:" text, yet to fully integrate
    • beefed up some warnings, now uses confess more (still not throughout)
    • more overview comments (almost POD) in various .pm's for the developer
    • loads of TODO notes

Changes for version 2.08_01

  • all changes by Steve Purkis unless otherwise noted
    • reverted to 2.06 codebase
    • documented main API methods, included example stores
    • fixed mysql reconnect bug - Pixie dies when mysql connection goes away (also fixes bug: Pixie::Store::DBI::Mysql was not being used!)
    • cleaned up test suite now uses t/lib, blib, t/tmp, and generates fewer warnings.
    • moved to Module::Build
    • updated list of required modules
    • removed Build dependency on BerkeleyDB
    • now tests with BerkeleyDB and DBD::SQLite if available
    • moved Info/Info.* to lib/Pixie/Info
  • All changes below by Piers Cawley and James Duncan unless otherwise noted.


deploy a Pixie store


The magic data pixie
making things play well with pixie
'fixed' methods that Pixie uses
A magical way of having out of band info
placeholders for real objects in a Pixie store
Factory & abstract base class for Pixie stores
a Berkeley DB Pixie store.
abstract class for DBI-based Pixie stores.
a MySQL Pixie store.
a Postgresql Pixie store.
an SQLite Pixie store.
a memory store for Pixie.


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