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Changes for version 0.03 - 2003-03-16

  • Added clone() method to Net::BGP::Update
  • Removed warning when encoding empty AS_PATH which is ok for IBGP peering sessions.
  • Removed warnings for missing mandatory path attributes for the case when no NLRI is present in an UPDATE message.
  • Fixed bug in _encode_prefix() in Net::BGP::Update which could cause to be encoded into the prefix list when prefixes shorter than 32 bits (i.e. non-host routes) are specified with all 4 octets (e.g. when 192.168/16 is given as
  • Thanks to Martin Lorensen for identifying these problems.


Border Gateway Protocol version 4 speaker/listener library
Class encapsulating BGP-4 NOTIFICATION message
Class encapsulating BGP-4 peering session state and functionality
Class encapsulating BGP session multiplexing functionality
Class encapsulating a BGP Routing Information Base (RIB)
Class encapsulating BGP-4 UPDATE message