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Changes for version 0.15 - 2014-12-18

  • Add configuration for whether or not to send capability announcements Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Bugfix - send route refresh optional parameter properly Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Send Cisco-style route refresh capability (capability code 128) Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Added ability to send MBGP information (only Unicast IPv4 now) to allow interoperability with devices that won't support route refresh without it. Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Renamed Refresh to AnnounceRefresh to more accurately reflect what it does. Kept "Refresh" as an alias. Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Add patch by Stuart Pearlman to fix bug that prevents restarting a peer due to messages remaining in the front of the message queue. See
  • Add support for callback upon transition to established state Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Mikrotik routers will send non-multihop SYN/SYNACK with different TTLs than the actual OPEN message. So it's possible to have, with the right misconfiguration (multihop on Perl side, non-multihop on Mikrotik side, more than one hop distance away from each other) to a case where you try to _clone() something that is already _clone-ed. This handles that case properly. Added by Joel Maslak <>
  • Allow paths with > 255 ASes. Note that there are still some limits that will be hit, but now this should process AS_SEGMENTs longer than 255 properly (without truncating/erroring on the attribute as previous versions did). This will split long paths into multiple AS_SEGMENTs. Added by Joel Maslak <>


Border Gateway Protocol version 4 speaker/listener library
Class encapsulating BGP-4 AS Path information
Class encapsulating BGP-4 NLRI information
Class encapsulating BGP-4 NOTIFICATION message
Class encapsulating BGP-4 peering session state and functionality
Class encapsulating BGP session multiplexing functionality
Class encapsulating BGP-4 REFRESH message
Class encapsulating BGP-4 transport session state and functionality
Class encapsulating BGP-4 UPDATE message


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in lib/Net/BGP/
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in lib/Net/BGP/
in lib/Net/BGP/