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Changes for version 0.16 - 2015-01-03

  • Added by Joel Maslak <>:
  • Feature: 32 bit ASN support (both as an old and a new speaker)
  • Bugfix: Lower four bits of path attribute flags were not being ignored as they should have been (see RFC4271 4.3 which says, "The lower-order four bits of the Attribute Flags octet are unused. They MUST be zero when sent and MUST be ignored when received."
  • Bugfix: Options to Peer should only match if there are no leading or trailing characters.
  • Bugfix: ASPath->length() counted elements in AS_SETs, when RFC says an AS_SET = 1 hop. Also ensured AS_CONFED_* are counted as 0 hops.
  • Bugfix: Optional Transitive attributes can be expected to have the partial flag bit set when passing through a router that does not know what the attributes mean. Added logic to handle receiving these.
  • Spelling: In Transport, _peer_announced_id is spelled right. Old spelling is also retained for compatability.
  • Bugfix: Documentation indicates Update->new() supports ASPaths in array reference form, but code didn't. Added support to code for new ASPaths to be specified by array references (they create an AS_SEGMENT now, as expected from docs).
  • Bugfix: Support receipt of multiple capabilities in a single open message (BIRD requires this).


Border Gateway Protocol version 4 speaker/listener library
Class encapsulating BGP-4 AS Path information
Class encapsulating BGP-4 NLRI information
Class encapsulating BGP-4 NOTIFICATION message
Class encapsulating BGP-4 peering session state and functionality
Class encapsulating BGP session multiplexing functionality
Class encapsulating BGP-4 REFRESH message
Class encapsulating BGP-4 transport session state and functionality
Class encapsulating BGP-4 UPDATE message


in lib/Net/BGP/ASPath/
in lib/Net/BGP/ASPath/
in lib/Net/BGP/ASPath/
in lib/Net/BGP/ASPath/
in lib/Net/BGP/ASPath/