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Changes for version 2.022

  • Added $pdf->version() get/set method. When opening an existing PDF, the existing version number will now be retained.
  • Renamed the following in PDF::API2:
    • importpage to import_page
    • openScalar to open_scalar
    • The old names are deprecated.
  • [RT #69503] Fix the -firstpage option to $pdf->preferences() so that it doesn't always lead to a crash (reported by Dietrich Streifert).
  • [RT #47974] Accept malformed xref subsections (with a warning) that have extraneous spaces on the first line (reported by Abhinav Kaushik).
  • [RT #94505] For Code128 barcodes, the initial character set is now optional (defaults to B or C depending on the content to be encoded). The initial character set can be passed as a capital letter, and the program will die if an invalid character set is requested (requested by Andrea Nall).
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes now prepend a zero when an odd number of digits is specified, which is standard behavior. Previously, a zero was appended instead.
  • $page->rotate(0) now sets rotation to 0 degrees rather than deleting an existing page rotation command. Page rotation is inherited, so this is necessary to undo any inherited page rotation.
  • Fix: Attempts to use EAN-128 barcodes resulted in an error.
  • Add a more informative error when text() is called without first setting a font(), and when font() is called without including a font size.
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