CHANGES (Apache::GTopLimit)

ver 1.02

* return DECLINED and not OK when not doing anything

* made the request counter a package's private lexical variable, since it shouldn't be accessible by other modules.

* Fix the $Apache::GTopLimit::CHECK_EVERY_N_REQUESTS logic, was doing checking one request to often. Thanks to Alexandr Ciornii <> for the spot

ver 1.01 Thu Mar 14 13:53:16 SGT 2002

* add an unshared memory threshold, similar to Apache::SizeLimit

* improve the debug mode testing whether at least one threshold was set

* cache the previously fetched shared and/or size for reuse in the unshared memory calculation, which makes things a bit faster.

* update docs

ver 1.0 Wed Feb 20 11:54:23 SGT 2002

* making the DEBUG a constant variable, settable via PerlSetVar

* A few code style changes and doc fixes

* this module has spent enough time in alpha/beta incubator => going 1.0.

ver 0.2 Mon Oct 16 23:04:01 2000

* fixed the warnings generated on every request

ver 0.1 Tue Aug 17 07:32:20 IDT 1999

* Removed the use of global variables (save a few memory bits)

* Rewrite of the memory size limit functionality to use GTop

* Added a Shared memory limit functionality

* Added debug mode