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Stas Bekman
GTop - Perl interface to libgtop
GTop in lib/GTop.pm UNAUTHORIZED
GTop::Server in Server/Server.pm UNAUTHORIZED
GTop::ServerConfig in Server/Server.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Changes for version 0.12
    • prepare a basic test suite and threads test [Stas]
    • Make GTop object fully clone-able under threaded perl and threaded
    • mod_perl 2.0, by using the CLONE function. [Stas]
    • deploy PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT macro in .xs modules for better efficiency,
    • adjust the code to pass THX around [Stas]
    • add debug printout of INC and LIBS [Stas]
    • restore the default LIBS setting removed in 0.11 (suitable for gtop1),
    • since not all platforms have the config script
    • (gnome-config/pkg-config) which tells us which libs to use [Stas]
    • fix "modification of readonly value" which triggered by s/:\w+$//
    • trying to modify $_ which points to a constant in the autogenerated
    • test.gtop [Eric Cholet]
    • declare static variable glibtop_server_config as extern so it'll
    • compile on MacOSX [Eric Cholet]
    • tracing is now possible with threaded perls [Stas]
    • libgtop sources are now can be found at
    • http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/libgtop/ [Stas]

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