Changes for version 0.14

  • Bread::Board::Container
    • added the ->resolve method to replace the ->fetch( $service )->get pattern that annoys mst so much.
      • adjusted all the tests to account for this change.
      • adjusted all the docs to now use this approach instead
  • now using Try::Tiny for all exception handling (except the Deferred service)
  • Bread::Board::Service::WithDependencies
    • if you want to depend on a parameterized service, now you can and it will return a Bread::Board::Service::Deferred::Thunk that you can call ->inflate on and pass in the parameters for it.
      • added tests for this
  • Bread::Board::Service::Deferred::Thunk
    • added this + tests for it


A manual for Bread::Board
An overview of the concepts in Bread::Board
An overview of some of the more advanced Bread::Board concepts
A set of examples of Bread::Board usage
A Form::Sensible and Catalyst example.
An example of composing a dynamic Log::Dispatch object.