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Changes for version 0.13

  • NOTE ++ This version of Moose *must* have Class::MOP 0.35 in order to work correctly. A number of small internal tweaks have been made in order to be compatible with that release.
  • Moose
    • Removed the use of UNIVERSAL::require to be a better symbol table citizen and remove a dependency (thanks Adam Kennedy)
    • **~~ removed experimental & undocumented feature ~~**
    • commented out the 'method' and 'self' keywords, see the comments for more info.
  • Moose::Cookbook
    • added a FAQ and WTF files to document frequently asked questions and common problems
  • Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
    • added GlobRef and FileHandle type constraint
      • added tests for this
  • Moose::Meta::Attribute
    • if your attribute 'isa' ArrayRef of HashRef, and you have not explicitly set a default, then make the default DWIM. This will also work for subtypes of ArrayRef and HashRef as well.
    • you can now auto-deref subtypes of ArrayRef or HashRef too.
      • new test added for this (thanks to ashley)
  • Moose::Meta::Role
    • added basic support for runtime role composition but this is still *highly experimental*, so feedback is much appreciated :)
      • added tests for this
  • Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
    • the type constraint now handles the coercion process through delegation, this is to support the coercion of unions
  • Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union
    • it is now possible for coercions to be performed on a type union
      • added tests for this (thanks to konobi)
  • Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion
    • properly capturing error when type constraint is not found
  • Build.PL
    • Scalar::Util 1.18 is bad on Win32, so temporarily only require version 1.17 for Win32 and cygwin. (thanks Adam Kennedy)
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