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A Perl port of the Lucene search engine
base class for Analyzers
base class for character tokenisers
normalises token text to lower case
tokenizer which also lower cases text
Porter stemming on the token stream
The simple analyzer
the stop-word analyzer
A term in a field
base class for token filters
base class for tokenizers
a vector of bits
The unit of indexing and searching
Utility functions for dealing with dates
A field in a Plucene::Document
the document writer
infomation on a Field in a Document
a collection of FieldInfo objects
read Fields in a Document
writes Fields to a Document
Abstract class for accessing an index
Information on a Segment
A collection of SegmentInfo objects
Segment Merge information
the Segment merger
the Segment reader
Segment term positions
reads the segments
a word from text
Information on an index term
read the term infos file
write to the term infos file
write an index.
Turn query strings into Plucene::Search::Query objects
A clause in a boolean query
Restrict searches to given time periods
A search filter base class
A list of ranked documents
The index searcher
The position of a phrase
A query that matchs a phrase
a query that matches terms beginning with a string
base class for queries
base class for scorers
base class for searchers
the score of a query
a query that contains a term
The top hits for a query
a random-access input stream
a random-access output stream
Handy functions when testing Plucene
Utility class for Plucene


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