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File::Format::RIFF::List - a single RIFF list


   use File::Format::RIFF;
   my ( $list ) = new File::Format::RIFF::List;
   $list->type( 'stuf' );
   $list->addChunk( abcd => 'a bunch of data' );
   $list->addList( 'alst' )->addChunk( xyzw => 'more data' );
   print $list->numChunks, "\n";

   ... some $container ...

   $container->push( $list );


A File::Format::RIFF::List is a list of data in a RIFF file. It has an identifier, a type, and an array of data. The id is always 'LIST'. The type must be a four character code, and the data is an array of other RIFF lists and/or RIFF chunks.


$list = new File::Format::RIFF::List( $type, $data );

Creates a new File::Format::RIFF::List object. $type is a four character code that identifies the type of this RIFF list. If $type is not specified, it defaults to ' ' (four spaces). $data must be an array reference containing some number of RIFF lists and/or RIFF chunks. If $data is undef or not specified, then the new list object is initialized empty.


    File::Format::RIFF::List inherits from File::Format::RIFF::Container, so all methods available for Containers can be used on RIFF lists. A Container essentially contains an array of RIFF lists and/or RIFF chunks. See the File::Format::RIFF::Container man page for more information.


Paul Sturm <>