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Bálint Szilakszi
WWW::Curl - Perl extension interface for libcurl
WWW::Curl::Easy in lib/WWW/Curl/Easy.pm
WWW::Curl::Form in lib/WWW/Curl/Form.pm
WWW::Curl::Multi in lib/WWW/Curl/Multi.pm
WWW::Curl::Share in lib/WWW/Curl/Share.pm
Changes for version 4.13
    • Fixed WWW::Curl::Form (again, formadd and formaddfile working now).
    • Made constant constant handling more robust and added tests [Fuji, Goro].
    • Modernized *.pm and AUTOLOAD now throws an error on unknown method calls [Fuji, Goro].
    • Fixed code depending on CURLINFO_SLIST to be optional [Fuji, Goro].

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