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Changes for version 0.039

  • normalize the default log level to warn
  • rearrange tests into small, feature-sized chunks
  • create new blog posts in directories
  • allow blog posts to be directories
  • organize core and non-core deps
  • add create command example to website
  • fix note about default theme using skeleton
  • add note about create command to Setup guide
  • add site "create" command
  • add link to content guide
  • reorganize guides and add Statocles::Help
  • split the Setup guide into Config and Content
  • fix navbar too close to main page content
  • break parsing a frontmatter file into its own sub
  • clarify the docs on Pages and what a Site is
  • add example of markdown to html to website
  • split the main doc into the Develop guide
  • fix me showing up in the contributors list
  • add release v0.038 announcement