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Changes for version 0.055

  • fix cleanup warning during global destruction
  • add disqus setup notes to Config guide
  • replace the Static app with the Basic app
  • rename the Plain app to the Basic app
  • refactor Blog app to use Store app role
  • allow writing most page attributes
  • skip hidden files and directories in the Plain app
  • add static content to Plain app
  • fix doc links to show module being linked to
  • add custom markdown object example to config guide
  • add disqus to statocles site
  • update site templates from statocles default
  • add disqus blocks to the default themes
  • add store role for applications that use stores
  • use run_editor helper in blog and plain apps
  • add run_editor utility to invoke the user's editor
  • fix new-post directory getting left behind in blog
  • test that the interactive editor is invoked
  • add class frontmatter for custom document classes
  • add error if repository has no commits
  • move daemon build inside the mojo app
  • add --date option to build, daemon, and deploy
  • fix daemon shutdown and cleanup to remove cycles
  • add default site title to silence warnings
  • add --message option to the deploy command
  • allow plain hashrefs in test app
  • add test for git deploy message option
  • fix tag links in blog feeds into full urls
  • clean up test to remove warnings from log
  • add --clean option to statocles deploy command
  • add clean option to file and git deploys
  • remove ".html" from Perldoc documentation pages
  • clarify index path missing to show possible remedy
  • move all deprecation tests into one place
  • deprecate write_document method return value
  • skip deprecated module in compile test
  • remove docs implying deploys inherit from stores
  • move Statocles::Store::File to Statocles::Store
  • only set version during test if no version exists
  • fix emitter base bundle not applying
  • add edit command to plain app
  • add date option to build blog pages from the future
  • add better error message when app has no commands
  • add remove method to Store
  • generate the site config from the template
  • change title to text in site creator link
  • add comments to the site creator config file
  • add note about how to use default themes
  • add skeleton site content during site creation
  • add $app and $site to all templates
  • expand document documentation to add examples
  • fix a bunch of misspellings in the documentation
  • remove duplicate test app
  • add build event to apps for plugins to edit pages
  • add release v0.054 announcement