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Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp
Sword - provides an interface to the Sword Open Source Bible Software API
Sword::Key - Sword keys may be used to lookup module entries
Sword::Manager - Sword library manager
Sword::Module - Sword modules (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.)
Changes for version 0.102800
  • Added a BUGS section to the Sword POD regarding the fact that this thing
    • probably leaks memory terribly at the moment.
  • Added lookup to the examples scripts
  • Added the Sword::Key module for interfacing with SWKey. This provides the
    • methods clone, set_text, get_text, get_short_text, get_range_text,
    • compare, equals, increment, decrement, top, bottom, and index.
  • Added the increment and decrement methods to Sword::Module
  • Added the top, bottom, and strip_text methods to Sword::Module
  • Corrected a memory leak in Sword::Manager::modules().
  • Corrected the typemap so that error messages on incorrect types passed to
    • the XS methods would correctly report the type without "Ptr" being incorrectly
    • added to the end of the message.

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