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Changes for version 1.13 - 2008-05-09

  • ListMetadataFormats: namespaces() glued previous names with current; new methods: namespaces_byprefix() and schemas_byprefix()
  • added HTTPError() method for access to underlying HTTP::Response object (in case of HTTP errors only) NOTE: file() now will yield undef in this case (was: name of non-existing file)
  • baseURL() had trailing garbage when called after a request
  • enforce tempfile cleanup by adding UNLINK=>1 to all tempfile() calls
  • avoid tempfile pollution on Win32 when using xml() method
  • Module::Build support
  • Tests: Fixed broken nsdl repository URL


list metadataformats in an OAI-PMH archive
list records in an OAI-PMH archive
list sets in an OAI-PMH archive


A base class for all OAI-PMH responses
OAI-PMH errors.
The results of a GetRecord OAI-PMH verb.
A package for harvesting metadata using OAI-PMH
Results of the Identify OAI-PMH verb.
Results of the ListIdentifiers OAI-PMH verb.
Results of the ListMetadataFormats OAI-PMH verb.
Results of the ListRecords OAI-PMH verb.
The results of the ListSets OAI-PMH verb.
An OAI-PMH record.
class for record header representation
class for baseline Dublin Core support
An OAI-PMH resumption token.