Changes for version 0.09

  • Significant updates since 0.08
    • Added support for CBC, CFB, CTR and OFB
    • Allows encryption of data larger than 16-bytes
    • Uses padding for data that is not a multiple of 16-bytes
    • Allows support for IV for supported ciphers
    • f84bd04 Update MANIFEST file
    • c23620a Increment version for next release
    • fcf7e23 Update dependencies
    • 4de67f5 Add tests for multiple ciphers
    • 750f2bb Support additional AES ciphers
    • a6fd450 Change tabs to spaces - tabs were driving me crazy
    • d6e7f7d (tag: 0.08) v0.08


A Perl wrapper around OpenSSL's AES library