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Business::MaxMind::CreditCardFraudDetection - Access free and paid MaxMind credit card fraud detection services


This module queries the MaxMind credit card fraud scoring service and returns the results. The service uses a free e-mail database, an IP address geography database, a bank identification number, and proxy checks to return a risk factor score representing the likelihood that the credit card transaction is fraudulent.


This example queries the credit card fraud scoring service and displays the results:

  my $ccfs = Business::MaxMind::CreditCardFraudDetection->new(isSecure => 1, debug => 0, timeout => 10);
  $ccfs->input( i => '',
                domain => '',
                city => 'New York',
                region => 'NY',
                postal => '10011',
                country => 'US',
                bin => '549099', # optional
                binName => 'MBNA America Bank', # optional
                binPhone => '800 421 2110', # optional
                custPhone => '212-242', # Area Code + Local Exchange
                license_key => 'LICENSE_KEY_HERE' # optional
  my $hash_ref = $ccfs->output;



Class method that returns a Business::MaxMind::CreditCardFraudDetection object. If isSecure is set to 1, it will use a secure connection. If debug is set to 1, will print debugging output to standard error. timeout parameter is used to set timeout in seconds, if absent default value for timeout is 10 seconds.


Sets input fields. The input fields are

  • i: Client IP Address (IP address of customer placing order)
  • domain: E-mail domain (e.g.,
  • city, region, postal, country: Billing City/State/ZipCode/Country
  • bin: BIN number, first 6 digits of credit card that identifies the issuing bank, optional
  • binName: Name of the bank which issued the credit card based on BIN number, optional
  • binPhone: Customer service phone number listed on back of credit card, optional
  • custPhone: Area code and local exchange of customer's phone number, optional
  • license_key: License Key, for registered users, optional

See for full list of input fields.

Returns 1 on success, 0 on failure.


Sends out query to MaxMind server and waits for response. If the primary server fails to respond, it sends out a request to the secondary server.


Returns the output returned by the MaxMind server as a hash reference.


Returns the error message from an input or query method call.



TJ Mather, <>


Copyright 2004 by MaxMind LLC

All rights reserved. This package is free software and is licensed under the GPL. For details, see the COPYING file.