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Tony Bowden

Changes for version 0.93

  • New Functionality
    • Multi-column primary keys are now supported. [with huge thanks to Tim Bunce]
    • New syntax for inbuilt SQL
    • classes can control stringification via as_string() and stringify_column().
    • set_sql automatically translates __TABLE__, __ESSENTIAL__, and __IDENTIFIER__
  • Performance Improvements
    • use Storable's dclone() rather than Data::Dumper's deepcopy
  • Documentation
    • document the order_by option to search() [Drew Taylor]
    • fix the documentation of the DBI connect string [Phil Crow]
    • document working with pre_create triggers
    • add a note on dynamically generating a database connection
    • avoid using (shift => $val) due to quoting issues! [Simon Wilcox]
    • refer to Class::DBI::Oracle for sequences [Jay Strauss]
    • give better explanation for construct() [Jay Strauss]
    • document get/set with multiple arguments [Jay Strauss]
    • more detailed description of arguments to has_a()
  • Bug Fixes
    • Bug with setting driver defaults [Jay Strauss + Schwern]
    • Bug where selecting a column that was only in 'All' group also attempted to fetch any TEMP columns. [Dominic Mitchell]
  • Removal of Functionality
    • Undocumented ordered_search method has been removed in favour of order_by option to search.
    • Undocumented make_filter method removed in favour of add_constructor
    • add_constructor no longer does (undocumented) %s substitutions
    • (undocumented) single_value_select() method no longer takes raw SQL fragments.
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