Changes for version 0.96

  • New Functionality
    • Maintain live object index so subsequent requests for same row return the same object (Perrin Harkins)
    • connection() is now preferred over set_db()
    • New relationship architecture (see Class::DBI::Relationship)
    • meta_info now returns more information about relationships
    • search($column => undef) now does an ISNULL search (Bart Lateur, Drew Wilson, William McKee)
    • A slice of an iterator in scalar context now gives another iterator (Thomas Klausner)
    • Attribute methods can now take slices (Charles Bailey)
    • pass $self to inflation/deflation methods, allowing (amongst other things, cross-column processing in a custom method) (Charles Bailey)
    • deflation now happens at distinct trigger points that happen after normal before_create/update triggers (Dave Cash)
    • Columns may now set their placeholders: Foo->find_column('tdate')->placeholder("IF(1, CURDATE(), ?)");
    • Columns know if they have been constrained
  • Documentation
    • add note about needing a RootClass (and fix tests for this)
    • Explain interaction of is_changed and auto-update (William McKee)
    • Better examples for select_val and sql_single (Paul Makepeace)
    • Add note about sprintf interpolation and wildcard searches in home-grown queries (Christopher L. Everett)
    • Mention the wiki
  • Bug Fixes
    • Better error reporting from failed inflations [Tatsuhiko Miyagawa]
    • You can now have a column named 'first' [Tatsuhiko Miyagawa]
    • inflation and deflation handle edge cases better [Charles Bailey]
    • search_ methods are only generated for SELECT calls
    • add_constructor is now propery subclassable (Thomas Klausner)
  • Deprecations
    • Class::DBI::Query is now deprecated. The SQL substitutions are a much better approach.
    • sort argument to has_many is now order_by to match search
    • __hasa_rels and __hasa_list are deprecated in favour of meta_info
  • Other
    • construct() is no longer a protected method.
    • skip t/17 on error. There's a bug here I can't find, or fix, yet.


Simple Database Abstraction
A column in a table
Columns and Column Groups
Iterate over Class::DBI search results
Deprecated SQL manager for Class::DBI
base class for Relationships


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in lib/Class/DBI/Relationship/
in lib/Class/DBI/Relationship/
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