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Changes for version 0.009 - 2014-09-13

  • A bunch of refactoring common stuff into Crypt::XkcdPassword::Words, which is a role that must now be consumed by word list classes.
  • Added: Crypt::XkcdPassword::Words::sys Matt S Trout++
  • The `passphrase` tool can now generate more than one phrase per invocation.
  • The `words` attribute is now a blessed object, not a class name.


quickly generate an XKCD-style passphrase
practical uses of Crypt::XkcdPassword.




in lib/Crypt/XkcdPassword/
in lib/Crypt/XkcdPassword/Words/
in lib/Crypt/XkcdPassword/Words/EN/
in lib/Crypt/XkcdPassword/Words/
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