Changes for version 0.009002 - 2022-08-08

  • Bug Fixes
    • Eliminate some void warnings.
  • Other
    • Ensure that Sub::HandlesVia delegated methods are included when building MOP.


A Perl OO compiler
options for defining attributes with Mite
comparing Mite with Moose, Moo, and Mouse
other features provided by Mite
functions exported by Mite
integration with the Moose Meta-Object Protocol.
major Moose features not supported by Mite
how to work with Mite


Moose-like OO, fast to load, with zero dependencies.
guts for bin/mite
base class for subcommands for bin/mite
provides the "clean" command
provides the "compile" command
provides the "init" command
provides the "preview" command
an attribute in a class or role
a class within a project
the extra compiled module file written by Mite
configuration file for a project
use in your Makefile.PL when developing with Mite
Mite within a Mite
use in your Build.PL when developing with Mite
a whole project
a role within a project
a role within a project, but using Role::Tiny
shim to load files
a signature for a method in a class or role
a human-written perl module within a project


in lib/Mite/Signature/
in lib/Mite/