Changes for version 1.4.0 - 2013-02-07

  • bundle cpanm and just use it in `install-cpanm` command (Reported by @turugina, and thanks to @miyagawa)
  • Fix for parsing command line argument
    • Loop for @D, @A, @U makes no sense
    • Remove '--' if @ARGV contains it(See also Getopt::Long document).
    • (Syohei YOSHIDA)
  • speciallize the shim file for cpanm. Speciallized version of 'cpanm' shim runs rehashing after installing. (tokuhirom)


perl binary manager
Show available perl5 versions from CPAN
execute command under perl5
Set or show the global Perl version
Show help page
Install cpanm to current Perl.
install perl5 into ~/.plenv/
Show list of installed Perl5 versions
Set or show the local application-specific Perl version
Migrate CPAN modules from other Perl installation
rehash shims
Show the current Perl version and its origin
Alias for `plenv-list`
locate a program file in the plenv's path


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