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SQL::TwoWay - Run same SQL in valid SQL and DBI placeholder.


    use SQL::TwoWay;

    my $name = 'STARTING OVER';
    my ($sql, @binds) = two_way_sql(
        q{SELECT *
        FROM cd
        WHERE name=/* $name */"MASTERPIECE"}, {
        name => $name,

    # $sql: SELECT * FROM cd WHERE name=?
    # $binds[0] = 'STARTING OVER'


SQL::TwoWay is a way to support 2way SQL.

I guess building complex SQL using O/R Mapper or SQL builder, like SQL::Abstract is worth. When you writing complex SQL, you should write SQL by your hand.

And then, you got a issue: "I can't run my query on MySQL console!". Yes. A query like SELECT * FROM cd WHERE name=? is not runnable on console because that contains placeholder.

So, the solution is SQL::TwoWay.

You can write a query like this.

    SELECT * FROM cd WHERE name=/* $name */"MASTERPIECE";

This query is 100% valid SQL.

And you can make <$sql> and <@binds> from this query. SQL::TwoWay::two_way_sql() function convert this query.

Here is a example code:

    my ($sql, @binds) = two_way_sql(
        q{SELECT * FROM cd WHERE name=/* $name */"MASTERPIECE"},
            name => 'STARTING OVER'

$sql is:

    SELECT * FROM cd WHERE name=?;

And @binds is:


So, you can use same SQL in MySQL console and Perl code. It means 2way SQL.


/* $var */4
/* $var */(1,2,3)
/* $var */"String"

Replace variables.

/* IF $cond */n=3/* ELSE */n=5/* END */
/* IF $cond */n=3/* END */


    if : /* IF $var */
    else : /* ELSE */
    end : /* END */
    variable : /* $var */ literal
    literal: TBD
    sql : .

    root = ( stmt )+
    stmt = sql | variable | if_stmt
    if_stmt = "IF" statement+ "ELSE" statement+ "END"
            | "IF" statement+ "END"


Copyright (C) tokuhirom

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


tokuhirom <>


s2dao supports 2 way SQL in Java.