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Author image Tore Aursand
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Changes for version 0.14 - 2017-11-28

  • Merged pull request #1 (manwar), adding [MetaJSON] to dist.ini, for generating META.json.
  • Added 'is_valid' method. At the moment this only do very simple checks to see if the Instant Article is valid or not.


Helper class for generating Facebook Instant Articles markup.


in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Analytics.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Author.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/BaseElement.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Blockquote.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Copyright.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Embed.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Figure.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Figure/Image.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Figure/Video.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Heading.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/List.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Map.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Paragraph.pm
in lib/Facebook/InstantArticle/Slideshow.pm