Ted Pedersen


  • count.pl - Count the frequency of Ngrams in text
  • statistic.pl - Measure the association of Ngrams in text
  • combig.pl - Combine frequency counts to determine co-occurrence
  • huge-combine.pl - Combine two bigram files created by count.pl into single file
  • huge-count.pl - Divide huge text into pieces and run count.pl separately on each (and then combine)
  • kocos.pl - Find the Kth order co-occurrences of a word
  • rank.pl - Calculate Spearman's Correlation on two ranked lists output by count.pl or statistic.pl
  • sort-bigrams.pl - Sort output from count.pl or statistic.pl in descending order based on frequency or association score
  • split-data.pl - Divide a text file in N approximately equal parts
  • FAQ
  • INSTALL - Installation instructions for Text-NSP
  • TODO