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Tobias Schulz
AI::FreeHAL::Class - Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes
AI::FreeHAL::Config - Load and save configuration files in a standard format
AI::FreeHAL::Engine - Engine of FreeHAL, a self-learning conversation simulator which uses semantic nets to organize its knowledge.
Lingua::DE::Tagger - Part-of-speech tagger for German natural language processing.
AI::FreeHAL::Class::SCR in AI/FreeHAL/Class.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Config::Block in AI/FreeHAL/Config.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Config::Comment in AI/FreeHAL/Config.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Config::Gap in AI/FreeHAL/Config.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Config::Hash in AI/FreeHAL/Config.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Config::Keyval in AI/FreeHAL/Config.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Module::Parser in AI/FreeHAL/Module/Parser.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Module::Tagger in AI/FreeHAL/Module/Tagger.pm
AI::FreeHAL::Module::WebAccess in AI/FreeHAL/Module/WebAccess.pm
AI::POS in AI/POS.pm
AI::Selector in AI/Selector.pm
AI::SemanticNetwork in AI/SemanticNetwork.pm
AI::Util in AI/SemanticEngine.pm
AI::Util in AI/Util.pm
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