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Changes for version 4.00

  • Add ability to set state to "disabled" (like other Tk widgets).
  • Add a "-disabledForeground" (color) option to override the default text foreground color used when the HListbox widget is set to disabled.
  • Fix "-listvariable" tiein to work properly with initial values specified in the tied array preinitialized with values when the HListbox is created (as Listbox works).
  • Fix some minor focus-traversal issues (when state is set to disabled).
  • Fix "-resizeable => 0", "-moveable => 0" and "-sortable => 0" options which seem to not be blocking resizing, moving, and sorting columns respectively in all cases (all are now disabled when HMListbox is disabled.
  • Fix failure to configure some options when set to zero (or a false value).
  • Fix failure of default binding on vertical scrollbar (Scrolled('HMListbox'...)) to scroll to the top of the list when the <Home> key pressed (<End> already scrolls to the bottom). Also ensure that <Home> and <End> default to their proper actions: Scroll the whole HMListbox *horizontally* to left / right edge unless the vertical scrollbar has focus, then scroll vertically to top / bottom.
  • Overhaul, check, & fix several minor inconsistancies between Tk::HMListbox and the other Listbox widgets, namely Tk::Listbox and Tk::HListbox.
  • Make sure to upgrade Tk::HListbox to it's latest version for best results, as most of these improvements depend on recent changes there!


Sortable Multicolumn HListbox (allowing icons, along with text) with arrows in headers indicating sort order.


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