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Changes for version 1.01 - 2024-02-23

  • add package version declaration


performs rule-based data transfigurations of arbitrary structures
a transfigurator class that matches anything at very low priority
default stringification of untransfigured values
converts hash keys to lowerCamelCase
a post-process transfigurator that rewrites hash keys to replace /Id$/ with ID
converts hash keys to lower_snake_case
the root role which all Data::Transfigure transfigurators must implement
a compound transfigurator that specifies one or more locations within the data structure to apply to
a transfigurator that filters based on a predicate function
a transfigurator that is applied to the entire data structure, after all "node" transfigurations have been completed
a transfigurator that filters by reference type
transfigures DBIx::Class::Rows into hashrefs
transfigures DBIx::Class::Rows into hashrefs, traversing (some) relationships
transfigure DateTime objects to ISO8601 format
transfigures DateTime::Duration objects to ISO8601 format
a transfigurator that filters by node value


in lib/Data/Transfigure/
in lib/Data/Transfigure/