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Stefan Hornburg (Racke)
flute - Process template with Template::Flute on the command line
Template::Flute - Modern designer-friendly HTML templating Engine
Template::Flute::Config - Configuration file handling for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Container - Container object for Template::Flute templates.
Template::Flute::Database::Rose - Database abstraction for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Expression - Parser for expressions
Template::Flute::Filter - Filter base class
Template::Flute::Filter::CountryName - country name filter
Template::Flute::Filter::Currency - Currency filter for prices
Template::Flute::Filter::Eol - Preserving line breaks in HTML output
Template::Flute::Filter::JsonVar - JSON to Javascript variable filter
Template::Flute::Filter::LanguageName - language name filter
Template::Flute::Filter::NobreakSingle - Replaces missing text with no-break space.
Template::Flute::Filter::Replace - Substitutes literal text in a string.
Template::Flute::Filter::Upper - Uppercase filter
Template::Flute::Form - Form object for Template::Flute templates.
Template::Flute::HTML - HTML Template Parser
Template::Flute::I18N - Localization class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Increment - Increment class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Iterator - Generic iterator class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Iterator::JSON - Iterator class for JSON strings and files
Template::Flute::Iterator::Rose - Iterator class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::List - List object for Template::Flute templates.
Template::Flute::Pager - Data::Pager class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Paginator - Generic paginator class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Specification - Specification class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Specification::Scoped - Config::Scoped Specification Parser
Template::Flute::Specification::XML - XML Specification Parser
Template::Flute::UriAdjust - URI adjust class for Template::Flute
Template::Flute::Utils - Template::Flute utility functions
Changes for version 0.0119
    • Add "every" attribute to separator elements (GH #47, Marco Pessotto).

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