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Stefan Hornburg (Racke)

Changes for version 0.0190

    • Replace MooX::Types::MooseLike with Type::Tiny (Stefan Hornburg, GH #136).
    • Remove Flute::Form->finalize (Paul Cochrane, GH #134).
    • Localise loop variable's scope to the loop's scope (Paul Cochrane, GH #128).
    • Use two argument form of bless (Paul Cochrane, GH #127).
    • Remove superfluous arg shift onto $class variable (Paul Cochrane, GH #126).
    • Convert plain 'utf8' to 'encoding(utf-8)' (Paul Cochrane, GH #122).
    • Use Class::Load instead of eval { use Class::Name } (Paul Cochrane, GH #120).
    • Add missing email address to copyright statements (Paul Cochrane).
    • Update copyright year to 2015 (Paul Cochrane).
    • Add missing strictures to Template::Flute::Filter::JsonVar (Paul Cochrane, GH #114).
    • Fix typo and remove superfluous trailing whitespace from Template::Flute (Paul Cochrane, GH #110).
    • Add installation instructions (Paul Cochrane, GH #109).
    • Fix Pager class docs (Paul Cochrane, GH #132).
    • Fix two typos in module POD (Paul Cochrane, GH #129).
    • Add diagnosis to form name test in case of failure (Stefan Hornburg).
    • Add more iterator tests (Paul Cochrane, GH #116, #133).
    • Add strict and warnings where missing in tests (Paul Cochrane, GH #125).
    • Use Travis containers when running CI jobs (Paul Cochrane, GH #124).
    • Use full package name for test functions not imported into test script (Paul Cochrane, GH #123).
    • Use diag in currency filter tests (Stefan Hornburg).
    • Check utf8 JSON input in Iterator::JSON (Paul Cochrane, GH #118, #119).
    • Check $flute->process call in "Hello world" test for an exception (Stefan Hornburg).
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  • flute - Process template with Template::Flute on the command line