Serious testing for serious Perl
Global registry of tags by class and method.
Use this in your tcm.t script for a drop-in runner tool
Configuration information for Test::Class::Moose
Managed deprecation warnings for Test::Class::Moose
Execute tests in parallel (parallelized by instance)
Execute tests sequentially
Load Test::Class::Moose classes automatically.
Test information for Test::Class::Moose
Reporting on test classes
Reporting on test classes
Reporting on test methods
Reporting object for timing
Test::Class::Moose for roles
Automatically load the classes you're testing
Role for command line argument handling and extra CLI features
Common code for Runner classes
run tests against multiple instances of a test class
Reporting gathering role
Runner for Test::Class::Moose tests
A starting guide for Test::Class::Moose
Internal utilities