Yichun Zhang (章亦春)

Changes for version 0.25

  • feature: added the new test mdoule, Test::Nginx::Socket::Lua::Stream, for testing stream-typed NGINX C modules like ngx_stream_echo_module and ngx_stream_lua_module.
  • feature: added new section "--- server_addr_for_client" to control the value of server_addr for client. thanks Guanlan Dai for the patch.
  • feature: added support for the TEST_NGINX_LOAD_MODULES environment for loading dynamic NGINX modules in nginx.conf globally.
  • feature: added support for ASAN by passing ASAN_OPTIONS environment variable. thanks Markus Linnala for the patch.
  • feature: Test::Nginx::Socket::Lua: added support for the init_by_lua_block {} directive of ngx_http_lua_module.
  • feature: avoided variations in the absolute line numbers of user configurations so that the test cases can check nginx configuration file line numbers deterministically.
  • feature: implemented the env_to_nginx() Perl utility function as per Rollin Crittendon's request. for example: env_to_nginx('foo', 'bar=hello world')
  • feature: now we pass the environment DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESPACE to the nginx by default as well.
  • feature: implemented the "--- todo" section for TODOing test blocks. thanks Markus Linnala for the patch.
  • feature: repeat_each() also returns the value even when it is used as a setter.
  • bugfix: testing could not continue properly when the "--- must_die" subtest failed.
  • bugfix: ARRAY-typed "--- more_headers" now work with ARRAY-typed "--- request". thanks Kipras Mancevičius for the report.
  • bugfix: fixed the perl warning "Use of uninitialized value $val in concatenation" when "--- more_headers" has headers without values.
  • bugfix: use SIGTERM to kill non-responsive nginx/valgrind processes instead of SIGQUIT; otherwise the perl test process may hang forever in valgrind testing mode.
  • bugfix: only complain about failures of removing the nginx pid file when it still exists.
  • bugfix: we should bail out when `nginx -V` returns anything that we cannot understand.
  • bugfix: builtin udp server: fixed recv() call's error handling.
  • bugfix: we did not expand environments TEST_NGINX_XXX in the "--- main_config" and "--- post_main_config" data sections.
  • bugfix: better error handling in the mocked UDP server.
  • change: changed the default value of TEST_NGINX_SLEEP to 0.015 (sec). thanks Dejiang Zhu for the patch.
  • improvement: output the system error message when failing to remove the nginx pid file.
  • improvement: made the error_log test failure message clearer. thanks Nick Muerdter for the patch.
  • doc: fixed the module description of Test::Nginx and Test::Nginx::Socket to reflect recent changes.
  • doc: now we highly recommend Test::Nginx::Socket and its subclasses.
  • doc: documentged the default timeout value used by the client. thanks Nick Muerdter for the patch.
  • doc: added a link to the official user guide in the book "Programming OpenResty".
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