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Dave Rolsky
Text::TOC - Build a table of contents from text documents
Text::TOC::Filter::Anon - Node filter wrapper for subroutine references
Text::TOC::HTML - Build a table contents for one or more HTML documents
Text::TOC::InputHandler::HTML - Implements an input handler for HTML documents
Text::TOC::Node::HTML - Represents a node in an HTML document
Text::TOC::OutputHandler::HTML - Implements an output handler for HTML documents
Text::TOC::Role::Filter - A role for node filters
Text::TOC::Role::InputHandler - A role for input handlers
Text::TOC::Role::Node - A role for nodes
Text::TOC::Role::OutputHandler - A role for output handlers
Text::TOC::Types - Provides types for use in Text::TOC
Text::TOC::Types::Internal - Defines types specific to Text::TOC
Changes for version 0.10
    • Fix missing prereq on MooseX::Types::Path::Class.

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