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Thorium - Configuration management framework
Thorium::BuildConf - Configuration management class
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::AccessLog - Apache's AccessLog directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::DocumentRoot - Apache's DocumentRoot directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::ErrorLog - Apache's ErrorLog directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::Listen - Apache's Listen directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::LogLevel - Apache's LogLevel directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::ServerName - Apache's ServerName directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Apache::ServerRoot - Apache's ServerRoot directive
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::HostnameOrIP - Network IP hostname or IP address
Thorium::BuildConf::Knob::Port - Network IP port
Thorium::BuildConf::Roles::UI::DirectorySelect - dialog directory selector role
Thorium::BuildConf::Roles::UI::FileSelect - dialog file select role
Thorium::BuildConf::Roles::UI::InputBox - dialog input box role
Thorium::BuildConf::Roles::UI::RadioList - dialog radio list role
Thorium::Conf - Configuration class
Thorium::Log - Logging support
Thorium::Log::Apache - Apache specific log class
Thorium::Protection - Use protection when dealing with radioactive elements
Thorium::Roles::Conf - Adds configuration to your class
Thorium::Roles::Logging - Adds standard logging to your class
Thorium::Roles::Trace - Add code tracing and argument dumping to your class
Thorium::SystemInfo - Query system information
Thorium::Types - Custom types
Thorium::TypesTests - additional tests for Thorium::Types
Thorium::Utils - additional utilities
Changes for version 0.510
  • BUG
    • local.yaml should not be filtered out of files to load

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