NAME - Simple RTF to HTML converter

SYNOPSIS [options] [in.rtf [out.html]]



Print usage information and exit.


Print manual page and exit.


DOM implementation name. Default: XML::GDOME.


Do not process images.

imagedir,d path

Directory where to store images if any. Default: current directory.

imageuri,u uri

Image url prefix.

XML::GDOME specific options:

encoding, e name

The encoding of resulted HTML page. Default: UTF-8.

indented, i 1|0

Can be 1 or 0. If the value specified is 1 the resulted HTML tags will be indented to make the code more readable. If the value specified is 0 there will be no indentation. Default: 1.


This is a simple RTF to HTML converter. It reads RTF from in.rtf (or STDIN by default) and writes HTML to out.html (or STDOUT). If RTF contains images, they will be stored in directory specified by imagedir (or d) option and their URLs in HTML will be started with whatever specified by imageuri (or u) option.

EXAMPLES < in.rtf > out.html -n -e 'KOI8-R' in.html -d /opt/www/images \
              -u \
              -dom 'XML::DOM' in.rtf /opt/www/out.html