xlate - translate CLI front-end for App::Greple::xlate module


    xlate [ options ] -t lang file [ greple options ]
        -h   help
        -v   show version
        -d   debug
        -n   dry-run
        -a   use API
        -c   just check translation area
        -r   refresh cache
        -s   silent mode
        -e # translation engine (default "deepl")
        -p # pattern to determine translation area
        -w # wrap line by # width
        -o # output format (default "xtxt", or "cm", "ifdef")
        -f # from lang (ignored)
        -t # to lang (required, no default)
        -m # max length per API call
        -l # show library files (, xlate.el)
        --   terminate option parsing
    Make options
        -M   run make
        -n   dry-run
    Docker options
        -G   mount git top-level directory
        -B   run in non-interactive (batch) mode
        -R   mount read-only
        -E * specify environment variable to be inherited
        -I * specify altanative docker image (default: tecolicom/xlate:version)
#       -T * specify docker image version
#       -L   use the latest version
#       -V * specify directory to be mounted (default: current directory)
        -D * run xlate on the container with the rest parameters
        -C * run following command on the container, or run shell

    Control Files:
        *.LANG    translation languates
        *.FORMAT  translation foramt (xtxt, cm, ifdef)
        *.ENGINE  translation engine (deepl or gpt3)

# marked as # options are experimental


    Version 0.30