Changes for version v0.3.4 - 2015-10-22

  • Overall
    • Distribution is rebuilt with the latest `Dist::Zilla` plugin bundle `@Author::VDB` v0.10.0. It includes few more tests. Most of the changes are made to make these new tests pass.
  • Code
    • `use version 0.77;` added. Just in case.
  • Documentation
    • Bad link found by the `Test::Pod::LinkCheck`, bad link fixed, `Test::Pod::LinkCheck` passes.
  • Tests
    • Test uses `# REQUIRE:` hint instead of direct `use`.
    • Explicit requiring `Dist::Zilla::Tester::DieHard` v0.4.0 (added in v0.3.0) now dropped. The problem debugged and fixed, there is no need in this requirement any more.
    • Test code simplified a bit.
  • Internals
    • `aspell.en.pws` file renamed to `aspell-en.pws` to make `Test::Portability` happy.
    • Minor fixes in POD to make `Test::Synopsis` happy.


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