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Changes for version 0.1.0_02

  • Add ArmaditoAV api RESTful client implementation
  • State task with ArmaditoAV
  • Scan task with ArmaditoAV
  • Fix basic perlcritic policy violations
  • Beautify code with PerlTidy
  • Add perlcritic test
  • Add tidyall test
  • update perlpod documentation

Changes for version 0.1.0_01

  • Add RESTful API client-side implementation
  • Add Getjobs task
  • Add Runjobs task
  • Enrollment with fingerprint
  • Build and Install from sources on Win32
  • Retrieve fusion deviceid from fusion storage
  • Add --setup option
  • Add empty Scan and Alert tasks
  • Fix compatibility with fusioninventory agent
  • Tested on Win7 64bit (VM)
  • Use Fusion minimal Strawberry Perl distribution on Win32
  • Refactor dynamic class loading

Changes for version 0.0.3_03

  • reorganize tasks with more inheritance, allowing possibilties to implements tasks for other antiviruses in the future
  • refactor armadito-agent cli script
  • fix some naming errors

Changes for version 0.0.3_02

  • fix doc mistakes

Changes for version 0.0.3_01

  • fix versioning
  • fix naming problems


command line interface script used for Armadito Agent.


Armadito Agent
Armadito Agent configuration
HTTP Client for armadito AV RESTful API.
HTTP Client for armadito plugin for GLPI.
A data serializer/deserializer
Armadito Agent Task base class.
Alerts Task base class
Alerts Task for Armadito Antivirus.
Enrollment task of Armadito Agent.
Enrollment task for Armadito Antivirus.
Getjobs Task base class.
Getjobs Task for Armadito Antivirus.
Runjobs Task base class.
Runjobs Task for Armadito Antivirus.
Scan Task base class
Scan Task for Armadito Antivirus.
State Task base class
State Task for Armadito Antivirus.
OS-independent fingerprint computing
Armadito Agent security static subroutines.